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We believe in Excellence and Integrity

Seeing values and beliefs we share, reflected in the things we do out there in the world around us - accountable for this story, together.

School Leadership

King’s Baptist Grammar School seeks to find the leader inside of everyone, instilling into all students the FISHER principles that reflect the kind of environment King’s aspires to create. These principles are reinforced by three leadership values that all staff and students are asked to model; Servant, Accountable, and Pastoral leadership.

School Governance

King’s Baptist Grammar School is an Incorporated Association and has a Board of Governors who oversee the operations of the School. The Board follows a policy governance model to facilitate strategic objectives, including a framework of accountability termed ‘The Ends’.

The Principal is Chief Executive, with a clear distinction between the role of the Board and the Chief Executive. At King’s, governance can be defined as, "ownership one step down, not management one step up”. Board responsibilities include strategic planning, stakeholder accountability, key performance monitoring and policy development.

The Board educates its members and oversees succession planning. King’s governance policy is divided into the four following areas:

  • Governance Processes (covering Board Operations)
  • Executive Limitations (what the Principal can’t do)
  • Board Principal Linkage (how the Board interacts with the Principal)
  • The Ends (defining what outcomes the School is to achieve)