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ELC Finding Hope 07

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Finding Hope
20 Aug 2021

Children returned to the ELC following the South Australian seven-day COVID lockdown in July 2021. On Thursday afternoon, after hunting our good stuff for the day, a meaningful conversation developed, highlighting the children’s curiosity, wonderings and, as members of a global community, their ever-deepening understanding of the world in which we are all living.

We talked about their lockdown adventures, the letters we had written back and forth, and the photos shared between ELC teachers, the children and their families. The conversation naturally evolved into questions about current COVID restrictions and circumstances...

  • "Why did we all need to stay home?"
  • "Why are you (adults) wearing masks?"
  • "Why aren’t you wearing them at ELC?"
  • "Why don’t kids need to wear them?"

The children then started sharing their hopes and wishes about all the things they are looking forward towhen the germs go away.’

  • "When the germs go away I want to go to Funtopia."
  • "I want to go to footy. I can’t play cause of the virus."
  • "I want to go to Malaysia to visit my grandparents and cousins."
  • "I want to see London buses. Anne, have you been to London?"

In the Marnkutyi Learning Community at the end of the ELC day, the children have become familiar with ‘Hunting the Good Stuff’. Reflecting on their day, and purposefully finding moments that were positive, joyful and/or which made them feel happy and hopeful. We have scaffolded these conversations with open ended questions; for example...

  • What challenged you today?
  • What made you laugh today?
  • What are you looking forward to?

This supports the children in deepening their developing understanding of gratitude, and the positive effects being grateful has on our wellbeing.

Children have been excited about our Marnkutyi 'Hunt the Good Stuff’ journal, which has begun visiting their families, further building family to ELC connections and supporting the development of gratitude at home.

- Marnkutyi Learning Community

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge that everything in heaven and earth belongs to God.

We acknowledge the Kaurna people and the Peramangk people as the traditional custodians of the lands on which our schools are located.

We pay our respects to all elders, past, present and those to come, and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

We commit ourselves to pray and work for justice and reconciliation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.