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Sports Programs at King's

King’s provides students with a variety of opportunities to highlight their God-given abilities on various stages. We believe that:

  • Sport plays an integral role in educating the whole child (social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical).
  • Sport offers opportunities to display and develop character.
  • Each student is a unique creation of God with unique abilities, which can be developed through sport.
  • Sport promotes the notion of school spirit and identity.

Participation in sport encourages fellowship amongst students, across year levels and between staff, students, parents and others. It provides an opportunity for students (both players and non-players) to be visibly involved in school life. This extends to the wider King’s Community, as many of our coaches and volunteers are parents or past students who give back to the School in this way.

The Out-of-School Sports Programs at King’s aim to promote:

  • Demonstration and development of Christian character.
  • The ideals of fair play and honouring the spirit of the game.
  • Skill development and teamwork in an atmosphere of friendly cooperation and healthy competition.
  • Character traits, both on and off the sporting arena. This ensures the athlete values the character traits above the desire to be involved in sporting opportunities.