School Life

King's House Groups

The King’s House system was established in 1987. When a student or staff member begins at King’s they are allocated to a School House.  The four King’s Houses are named after key figures in the foundation of the School. These incredible people were inspirational in their vision for a school that is thriving. Critical values that underpin the school are the building of community, and being better when we work together, with our vision of faith underpinning our purpose and existence.

As such, a number of years ago, a dedicated team came together to continue to build a House culture that is growing throughout the entire school. This team of hardworking people interviewed our four founding members (Lyle Baldock, Trevor and Ron Brimblecombe, Don Warren and the late Rev. David White’s wife, Dorothy) to gain a greater sense of what House culture would look like. The essence of our legends’ legacy is: team work and standing strong together, even in the face of adversity; that every effort brings growth; be encouraging and persistent; and use gifts to define your purpose.

  • Baldock (Green) Lyle Baldock was a member of the original steering committee and a tireless worker and champion of the School’s cause.
  • Brimblecombe (Red) Twin brothers, Trevor and Ron Brimblecombe, are faithful servants of the school community who helped bring the vision to life and ensured its early financial viability.
  • Warren (Blue) Rev. Don Warren joined the school in 1984 and served as Chair of the Board for the next 12 years providing a steady hand, strong in faith.
  • White (Yellow) Rev. David White was Senior Pastor at the Tea Tree Gully Baptist Church and integral to the founding of the School. He was the inaugral Chair of the Board serving until 1984.

The Senior School officially launched the House system into Pastoral classes in 2019, and the Year 10s at the time attended the first ‘Survivor’ camp. As House culture continues to grow, it became important to create chants that will become etched in the memory of our students and wider community.

The Year 12 class of 2021 have written the House chants which are now being learnt throughout the entire school, from ELC to Year 12. The hope is that these will be learnt and sung proudly for years to come, and will be a crucial part of many House events, including: Sports Days, Arts Days, quizzes, camps, sporting challenges, drawing, theatre, academic and various team challenges. At King’s, we stand proud in our Houses, and these chants will continue to build a legacy within our school.

House Chants


Wearing a uniform is a mark of inclusion. By wearing our School uniform with pride and respect, a student declares “I am part of the King’s community and all that it stands for.” ​

Visual Uniform Guide

Purchasing school uniforms

The King’s Baptist Grammar School (KBGS) school uniform is practical, comfortable, and affordable. It does not distinguish between students on the basis of wealth or home background. It can be purchased in three ways. For new, high quality uniforms and compulsory items, we offer parents the convenience of our onsite Uniform Shop and the online Uniform Shop. The onsite and online Shops also stock items for specific sports requirements along with School backpacks, socks, winter tights, and additional accessories.

We stock an extensive range of sizes and all new students are invited for a uniform fitting in November, December and January before the start of the School year. It is recommended families make an appointment for sizing/fitting as it can take up to 30 minutes to be fitted for the full school uniform. Please click on the button below to make an appointment. 

Onsite shop

The Uniform Shop is located in the Michael Parfitt Theatre Foyer.

Phone: 8289 0222 (ext 233) 

Opening Times
(during school terms)

Mondays: 8.00am – 11.00am
Tuesdays: 1.00pm – 5:30pm
Wednesdays: 8.00am – 11.00am

Please note, the Uniform Shop is not open during Term 1, 2 or 3 School Holidays. The Shop is open during the Term 4 holidays via appointment only prior to the commencement of the new School year.

Online shop

We offer the convenience of online ordering for parents through KBGS Online Shop. In partnership with Permapleat, ordering top up items is a simple click and pay for parents that can be done from your smart device or computer.

Junior School students – once an online purchase has been made the uniform will be placed in your child’s school bag ready to bring home.

Senior School students – once an online purchase has been made, the parent will be contacted by phone when ready for collection from the onsite uniform shop.

Second hand uniforms

The official King’s Second hand Uniform Facebook group is run by King’s parents dedicated to buying and selling second hand uniforms.

Keithcot King’s OSHC

When school’s out, the fun continues at Before and After School Care and Vacation Care. Offered for children from Kindy through to Year 7, these programs give you peace of mind that your child is being cared for in a supportive, fun and safe environment. No matter what level of care you require, we offer permanent and casual attendance options.

Keithcot King’s OSHC was established in 1988 for both Keithcot and King’s Baptist schools. It is located onsite at Keithcot Farm Primary School right next door to King’s for easy drop off and pick up. Before School Care combines all ages and offers a breakfast program. To cater for individual children’s needs and interest, after school care is split into a Junior group (Kindy – Year 3) and a Senior Group (Years 4 – 7). The Senior Group program is located on the King’s grounds.

Whether your child wants to relax after a big day of school or needs to burn off all that extra energy, our flexible program is designed to suit them.

At OSHC, your child will enjoy:

  • Creative and stimulating activities
  • A safe, secure and caring environment
  • An opportunity to develop new friendships
  • The option to do homework or have quiet time
  • A program underpinned by wholesome Christian values
  • Healthy breakfast or afternoon tea

Hours of operation (weekdays)

Morning: 7.00am – beginning school day
Afternoon: End of school day – 6:00 pm
Vacation Care/Pupil Free: 7.00am – 6.00pm

Fee schedule*
Before School Care: $12 per session (includes breakfast)
After School Care: $18 per session (includes afternoon tea)
Vacation Care/Pupil Free Days: $42 per day (plus costs)

*Costs per child per day, please note fees may be subject to change.

Rory's Canteen

Nourishing the body as well as the mind and soul is important. King’s offers quality, healthy lunch and snack options for students that are not only good for them but taste good too.

Our canteen menu has been designed to encourage students to make healthy and well balanced food choices. The menu includes a range of wraps, salads, sushi and sandwiches. Breakfast items, sweet treats and health snacks are also available.

Rory’s Café is run by Rory’s School Lunches onsite in the King’s Canteen and Café space. 

Rory’s School Lunches follows the Rite Bite healthy eating guidelines recommended by the State Government of South Australia.

Green Foods – food that can be eaten every day.  Green foods are lower in saturated fat and sodium and include salads, hot meals with lean cuts of meat and low-fat cheeses and dressings.

Amber Foods – Amber foods are more processed than green foods.  They may contain higher levels of saturated fat, sugar and sodium than green foods.  Students are encouraged to choose carefully from this section. Amber products should not dominate student’s choices.

Red Foods – Red foods are highly processed, energy dense and poor in nutrients.  Remember, red foods should only be eaten occasionally so limit your intake.

Food is delivered daily to the school canteen so doesn’t need harmful preservatives to extend its shelf life. Rory’s cooks the traditional way, taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices, and only uses breast chicken and 95% fat-free beef mince – there is no need for additives to boost the flavour of the food. Baguettes, wraps and sandwiches are made fresh when ordered and Rory’s sells the Balfour’s Better Bite Range, which are reduced in sodium and fat.

Online ordering

An online service is offered for busy parents using the Qkr! app.

  • Orders can be placed in advance, any time, until 8:30am on the day the lunch is required
  • Students don’t need to bring cash to school to pay for their lunch order
  • Parents can discuss food choices with their children
  • No additional cost to order lunches online

Canteen staff print a tally sheet listing all Qkr! orders for that day along with unique identification stickers for each Qkr! order containing your child’s name, class and food order details. As student lunches are prepared, they are checked off the tally sheet and placed in individual bags labelled with stickers for ease of identification