Outdoor Education

We understand that living a full and healthy life requires a lot more than just strong academic and vocational knowledge. That’s why we provide our students with a wide range of outdoor education opportunities including camps, rock climbing, kayaking, snorkelling, and bush walking.

Every child is precious, every child needs to experience discomfort. At King’s we know that getting dirty or wet, feeling too hot or too cold, or even experiencing hunger occasionally is not a bad thing. Discomfort can inspire us to action; heighten our awareness and motivate us to change both perceptions and attitudes. The King’s Outdoor Education program is designed to safely, and securely, allow our students to experience hardship, to take risks, and ultimately awaken an understanding of their own capabilities.

The camps and outdoor activities offered are staged for each development level of our students. From the first overnight sleepover in the Gym for Grade 2 students through to extended trips in South Australia and Victoria, the same principles apply. Students  choosing Outdoor Education as a subject (from Year 10 through to Year 12), participate in rock climbing, canoeing, bushwalking, winter alpine travel and self-reliant expeditions in Year 12. Each activity aims to build relationships, master the art of gratitude, test team building and problem solving skills, and foster emotional and mental resilience. Students also learn about the environment they are working in as well as about Indigenous culture, leadership and risk management.

Outdoor Education is not just about camping, getting back to nature, or having an adventure, although it is all of those things. It presents students with choices and opportunities. It asks our students to count their blessings and appreciate all that is provided for us in God’s world – the good, the bad, the easy, the hard.

Primary Outdoor Education

Year 2 –  1 night sleepover on School grounds

Year 3 – 2 Days / 1 Night Camp 

Year 4 – 3 Days / 2 Night Camp

Year 5 – 3 Days / 2 Night CampYear

Secondary Outdoor Education

Year 6 to 9
– 3 Days/2 Nights Camp each year

Year 10
– 4 Days/3 Nights Southern Flinders Ranges Bushwalk
– 4 Days/3 Nights Canoeing Ral Ral Creek/Chowilla Area
– 2 Days Orienteering Para Wirra
– 4 Days Rock Climbing Morialta

Year 11
– 1 Day Kayaking Garden Island
– 5 Days/4 Nights the Flinders Ranges, Bushwalk
– 4 Days/4 Nights Arapiles, Rock Climbing
– 4 Days/3 Nights Kayaking Ral Ral Creek/Chowilla Area
– 3 Days/3 Nights Rock Climbing Onkaparinga Gorge and The Bluff

Year 12-
– 1 Day Kayaking Garden Island Mangroves/Ships Grave Yard
– 4 Days/4 Nights Arapiles, Rock Climbing
– 4 Days/3 Nights Self-Reliant Kayaking Ral Ral Creek/Chowilla Area
– 6 Days/6 Nights Bogong High  Plains Snowshoeing and Cross Country Ski Touring