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Year 6-Year 11 Music Ensemble Night
16 Nov 2021

On Monday evening, students from both curricular and co-curricular programs performed a repertoire they have been developing throughout the semester in the King's Community Centre Auditorium, to a captivated audience.

The evening began with a variety of prelude items from students performing credible solo original and cover pieces. Items were introduced by the 2022 Music Captains (Brianna, Noah and Kimberley), along with one of our 2022 Prefects, Alicia. Students from Year 9 and Year 10 music classes performed in small ensembles and each one was of a high quality.

It was wonderful to see the collaboration of senior dance and music ensembles performing live on stage together. We also experienced the hard work of the Senior Strings, Middle School Vocal Group and Concert Band as they performed to finish the evening.

A big thank you to Sue Horton, Laura Possingham, Peter Lymberopoulos, Sheryl Beck and Jodie Lind for rehearsals and co-ordinating students on stage.