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Year 5 Camp
29 Oct 2021

After having to postpone the Year 5 camp in Week 1 due to severe weather warnings, a very excited group of Year 5 students set off last Monday for three fun-filled days at the picturesque Wirraway Homestead. Our students enthusiastically participated in a number of activities, including horse-riding, sheep herding, whip cracking, low rope and a night hike to name a few.

Student Reflections

Below are students’ reflections of our wonderful camp experience.

  • "On the first day of camp all my friends and I had a look around the camp site and settled into our dorms. We participated in two different activities and had a very yummy dinner which was lasagne and peas." Indiah
  • "My favourite activities were horse care and horse riding. The most challenging thing was not to step in poo and most enjoyable part was horse riding and it would have been better if horse riding was every day." Leticia
  • "My favourite part about the Wirraway camp was definitely the horse riding and caring. It was so relaxing and fun. I have changed my mind about horses, they are now my favourite animal." Samuel
  • "On camp, I grew because I was brave. A couple the activities were outside my comfort zone because they involved animals and I haven’t interacted with those animals before. I was really scared of the sheep and goats but got better as I went." Cadence
  • "My favourite activities were, horse riding, whip cracking and horse care. The most challenging thing was the low ropes course." Ozzie
  • "The most challenging activity was the archery because we had to hit a can of soft drink from a long way away and I was so close twice." Joshua
  • "I loved this camp so much! My favourite was definitely horse riding and I loved riding my horse Hunter. I loved hanging with my friends." Caitlin
  • "The most challenging activity on camp was whip cracking. Whip cracking was fun but I didn’t even get a crack once." Olivia
  • "My funniest moment on camp was when Aaron’s horse Joker stopped in the middle of the paddock and did a 5-10 second poo that was green and sloppy." Elexis
  • "Wirraway camp had the best activities, I loved them all especially Horse Riding and Horse Care." Chloe
  • "The whole camp was full of laughter and happiness. Camp was full of highlights and my dorm was the best, even though I barely got any sleep, it was still fun." Isabella