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Year 4 Play
21 Oct 2021

This week, all Year 4s had the opportunity to perform a dramatic play titled 'The Mystery of the Missing Medallion' in the King’s Community Centre Auditorium. Each class had rehearsals in the morning, followed by a matinee performance to other Junior School classes, and finally an evening performance to family and friends.

The play was a fun comedy following a princess in hiding who has her special medallion stolen and a "fake" one planted on her best friend, who is framed for the robbery by her stepmother, the evil queen. There were some slapstick moments when the twin bumbling inspectors (with help of their dog, Mars) helped solved the case, arrest the queen, get their M&Ms and find the missing medallion. It left you laughing and wanting some "candy"!

All classes did a great job and it was lovely to be able to perform in such a facility.

Special mention Year 5 student, Minuli, and Year 9 student, Evan - Junior Performing Arts Music Captain who helped backstage.

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