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Year 3 Musical
17 Sep 2021

The Year 3 Musical, Project Planet, has been on this week in the King’s Community Centre Auditorium. It’s so amazing to have such a great facility to use!

Each class has been rehearsing in the morning, with a dress rehearsal in the afternoon to some other year levels, and then finally an evening performance with an audience of family and friends.

Project Planet is an exciting ensemble piece and will have the younger generation reaching for their nearest spade. It is celebrating what our wonderful world is and how we can keep it for future generations. Pull on your wellies and roll up your sleeves - there’s a meadow to be planted and it’s all hands on...well, gardening tools, actually. The local school children are keen to rewild some unused farmland, but the scarecrows are determined to foil their plans: they’ve got more than enough work already. And what even is rewilding anyway?

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