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Year 12 Valedictory Dinner
24 Nov 2021

On Tuesday, Year 12 students, parents and staff gathered for the Valedictory Dinner at JDF Reception Centre. It was a wonderful evening to acknowledge and show gratitude to one another in a variety of ways.

The complementary roles that parents and teachers have played in the students’ lives was celebrated by the students, and the students were equally recognised for their love, compassion and unity this year. This group has been a unique and special one that will be dearly missed. This cohort love to dance, so the night could not have ended without an impromptu invitation from the students for everyone to fill the dance floor.

Special thanks to the staff who attended the evening and those responsible for the organisation and planning. Thank you to Sue Horton and Peter Lymberopoulos who provided a forum for students to showcase their musical talents. The night reminded us all that in order to achieve God’s purpose for our lives, we are better, together.