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Work Experience at Liberty Speech
23 Nov 2022

This term Year 10 student, Lily, and Year 11 student, Azaria, have investigated the career path of Speech Pathology by participating in work experience at Liberty Speech, a private paediatric practice, established in Adelaide in 2005 by former King's Old Scholar Liberty Gates. A career in speech pathology can be an appealing choice with its scope of work, from helping children with communication disorders to supporting someone after a stroke with their spoken language.

Year 10 student, Lily , said she has really valued her time at Liberty Speech as it has helped her develop an understanding of what she may want to do in the future, outside of King's:

“My favourite part was sitting in on different sessions and getting to know different children and just have fun with them. I absolutely loved playing board games with the children and having conversations with the people that work at Liberty Speech.”
“This opportunity gave me more experience with children who have special needs, I was eager to learn more about how I can help them grow in their speech and social skills.”
“This opportunity has shown me how I can be creative in the ways I work with children at my church and in other settings.
“Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The people I worked with were so welcoming, inclusive and passionate about what they do. I am very grateful for the week I spent at Liberty Speech. I already miss it.”

Year 11 student Azaria also had a positive experience:

“I chose to partake in this work experience as it is a possible career choice for me, I have always enjoyed working with children, and being able to play a large role in their lives. "
“Being in the health care field has always been an area of interest for me, and something I have looked forward to. The allied health care industry will allow me to have flexible working hours, expand on my previous passions, and provide extra support for children.”
“I have gained vital knowledge in the speech pathology industry through this work experience, and look forward to completing similar experiences.”

At King’s we understand that participating in vocational learning is highly beneficial and encourage all of our students to seek opportunities during their senior years. We certainly appreciate the time that Liberty and her staff have invested in our students this term and value the contribution they make to the future of our students and the local community.

Lucy Webb