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Welcome to Term 3
19 Jul 2021

A Message from Our Principal

At the commencement of 2020, the King’s Baptist Grammar School Board and the King’s Baptist Church Boards gathered with the purpose of reflecting and aligning our shared purpose. The day allowed both Boards time and space to pause and prayerfully reflect on our shared passions and goal, and begin to consider how these might be demonstrated in the day-to-day words and actions of those within the ecosystem of the King’s Community.

In my initial months at King’s, something that struck me was the passion and fervour with which we hold the King’s Community, and the difficulty we had articulating exactly what made the King’s Community unique and such a valuable community to belong. Many people referred to ‘the vibe’ of King’s - it is something that was difficult to capture in words!

The meeting in January 2020 therefore was an opportunity for both Boards to articulate a really clear vision or purpose for the King’s Community and the outcome was a significant milestone - a clear purpose statement of the King’s Community:

"A Jesus-centred community that inspires hope by creating opportunity for people and families to do life better, together."

Our Purpose
Our Vision of Faith provides excellence in teaching and learning that empowers individuals in partnership with families.

Our Strategy
To build and embed a ‘King’s Way’. Delivering child-centred learning through innovative programs in partnership with King’s Community.

Our Objective
To use the time we’ve been gifted to champion resilience, opportunity and an enduring sense of hope.