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Year 11 English

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The HopeFull Institute Seminar
27 Aug 2021

In Week 6, our Senior School students took part in a whole day...

"The HopeFull Institute runs seminars that engage and strengthen the whole school community…They empower students to navigate their life journeys with courage, clarity and conviction. 'A Day of Hope' was a five hour social and emotional wellbeing seminar for teenagers presented by motivational speaker Glen Gerreyn. Glen has shared his message of hope for over twenty years with over a million people all over the world; ‘engaging students parents, teachers, employees, sporting groups and community leaders. Glen’s been invited to speak at TEDx events and on national TV and radio. He’s authored five books and created the ‘Men of Honour’ character development course."
(The HopeFull Institute)

Glen delivered a powerful message to King’s Baptist Grammar School Year 10-12 students and made them stop, take notice, reflect and hope. He motivated so many of my students to dream, and know that having dreams and goals is critical in life, but that the drive and passion must also be there to fuel them. After the seminar, students said that they want to train harder, work harder and be more. He inspired them to have a vision, to stop living in fear, to stop holding onto self doubt and to get living.

The message was not only one of having talent, but having the drive and passion to develop it, for students to harness their talent and become even more than they thought possible.

Year 11 English student comments:

  • “I took the most out of the famous quotes and was inspired by Kobe Bryant’s short video. I want to train harder. The way Glen spoke to us was inspiring. It was silent for hours because we were taking so much in. I loved his passion. It was great!” Jake C
  • “I thought it was great. I liked how he gave us notebooks and we could take notes on all of his inspirational messages. So much of what he said stuck in our heads. It was so good!” – Josiah Su.
  • “It was amazing. Really in depth and inspiring.” – Declan T
  • “It was highly emotive and made me challenge myself. I had a change in mindset. It was incredible!” Alicia K
  • “It was such a powerful message. He had everyone's attention in the room. What Glen said was so motivating and powerful. I want to train harder and work harder as a result. Thank you Glen!” – Alex K
  • “It was so inspiring and it really motivated me to work on much more. I was lucky enough to talk to him afterwards. He is a really nice guy!”- Noah S
  • “It was challenging as he was very real. He was blunt and it was what I needed. He helped me.” James S
  • “I found the Day of Hope so inspiring. Glen was filled with passion for young people. He had a great level of empathy for teenagers and spoke so honestly to all of us. It was unforgettable.” – Hayley P
  • “Glen was inspiring and spoke in a way that truly resonated with the entire senior cohort. A special day.”- Hannah W-S