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Stage 1 English Excursion: 'Hibernation'
24 Aug 2021

On Monday, the Year 11 General English and Pre-Lit English classes travelled to Adelaide to see the play, ‘Hibernation’ at the Festival Centre, presented by the State Theatre Company. Excursions offer an enriching experience for our students as they immerse in different aspects of English outside of the classroom. Our students were fortunate to be able to see a live theatre production, which was a powerful performance. They will now be completing a play review as their assessment task.

Play Synopsis:

It’s the year 2030 and there is an immediate climate crisis. With little choice remaining, world leaders make a collective, pragmatic decision to save the planet. For an entire year, all 8.5 billion humans on Earth will hibernate.

Gas will be launched into the atmosphere and the human population will be immediately plunged into a deep sleep, leaving the natural world to reset. The reset of the human world is not what was expected.

(State Theatre Company)