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Stage 1 Child Studies
26 Nov 2021

Students in Stage 1 Child Studies have been learning about children’s developmental milestones and, as an extension of this learning through a group activity, conducted a practical activity with Year 2 students.

The task focused on preparing and presenting an activity that supported the health and wellbeing of children to explore the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social needs of children as they grow and develop. Stage 1 student groups selected a library book to read to the Year 2 students, and then designed activities to relate to the story. For example, one group did the 'I Spy' book and had associated games including a scavenger hunt and memory game. Another group did the 'See, Hear, Feel' book and played games like Simon Says and Silent Ball.

The Stage 1 students were very organised and the Year 2 students loved the games they played with the Senior School students.