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Science & Engineering Challenge
14 Jul 2021

The Science & Engineering Challenge is an outreach program, which encourages students to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects through Years 11 and 12.

On 11th June and 16th June, King’s sent a Year 9/10 team and a Year 11 team to Findon to compete in this event. Our teams competed against other schools in a range of hands-on STEM activities – such as building an earthquake-tolerant tower, a bionic hand, an Electra City to distribute power economically and reliably from a number of power stations, and a bridge to support the weight of a loaded carriage to the point of collapse.

Both of our teams were very successful. The Year 9/10 team won three of their challenges. The Year 11 team won four activities, to narrowly miss out on first place and an opportunity to progress to the state finals by a very small margin, after being in first position at half time.

More importantly, our students enjoyed the day and found the experience worthwhile, challenging and engaging.

Well done to all of our team members. Your presentation and conduct on the day was exemplary. You were highly motivated and enthusiastic, and you represented King’s extremely well by displaying our FISHER principles of Excellence, Humility and Respect. We are proud of all of you.

Thank you to our accompanying teachers, Mr Irvine, Mr Markey, Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Roe, for their encouragement, guidance and support on the day.

Brigette Lee, Year 6-12 Science Learning Area Leader

Some of the feedback received by our students is below:

“The Science & Engineering Challenge was an enjoyable experience that encouraged me to continue on a path of science and maths. I would recommend the challenge to anyone who has the opportunity to participate as it created such a great atmosphere of teamwork and passion.” Year 10

“It was a very fun excursion, and allowed us to challenge ourselves. Our teams worked well together on our tasks, and brought insight into different innovative designs and problem solving skills. There were many challenges, but we all strived to conquer them and came second overall. I’m happy with our placing, and grateful for the experience.” Year 11

“The Engineering Challenge was a particularly enjoyable event as it allowed us to explore the ways in which the principles in STEM can be applied in real-world problems. My group was part of the hovercraft building competition. We were able to experience a range of hands-on activities that combined the use of electronics and thoughtful application of physics concepts to build a working hovercraft. Everyone in my team would agree that the experience was amazing and that it positioned us to grow our love for science. I feel as though King’s did an awesome job at the event which allowed us to achieve second place overall. I am very proud of the school and the student’s who attended. This extremely worthwhile experience has only confirmed my passion and intentions to have a career in science in the future.” Year 11

“I really enjoyed the Science & Engineering Challenge. It was a great opportunity to try different challenges and implement our knowledge in a competitive way. I enjoyed working with my group to complete different tasks and competing against other schools.” Year 11