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SchoolAerobics Nationals
19 Nov 2021

This year, National SchoolAerobics, was an online competition only, due to border restrictions. We would like to congratulate all of the teams who placed and their coaches for their outstanding results.

Hip Hop Trio - Zone Up

This week in Junior School assembly Isabella, Olivia and Yasmina were awarded their Silver Medal for the National SchoolAerobics Online Competition. A big thank you to their coach, Jade Penna who choreographed and coached the trio.

Primary Glee Team

Our Primary Glee Team, comprising mainly of Year 6 students, placed this year and we congratulate Halle, Amy, Kane and Eden on their National Silver Medal, and a big thank you to their coach, Jenna Lind, for an outstanding result.

Cadence (Year 11)

Cadence performed a lyrical piece to music called 'Hold on to the Old Days', in the recent TFT Dance Star Competitions. She won the secondary lyrical solo section at Regionals, was awarded third place at States and was then invited to compete at Nationals. At Nationals, there were 12 in the section - a very tough section. Cadence came in fourth place by 0.5 of a mark on 83 points. Both third and second place winners tied at 83.5 points. The performance was choreographed and coached by Old Scholar, Jenna Lind. A job well done between Cadence and Jenna.

Grace (Year 5)

Grace was awarded her Gold Medal and trophy at this week’s Junior School Assembly. What a wonderful achievement not only for Grace, but for her choreographer and coach, Chelsea Penna!