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Reception-Year 2 Sports Day
17 Sep 2021

The Reception-Year 2 Sports Day was held this morning and we were lucky enough to have beautiful spring weather! The Oval was a sea of colour, with students dressing in their House colours.

The Year 2 Student Leaders opened the day with the Sports Day Oath which focused on the King's FISHER principles and encouraged students to give everything a go.

This year, a select number of Year 5s were chosen to run the nine different stations which Reception-Year 2 students rotated through. Stations included basketball, skipping, vortex, sprints, novelties and the jungle obstacle course. The Year 5 students were absolutely outstanding and it was clear the Reception-Year 2 students absolutely loved being taught by other students.

It was a fun-filled day which provided the Early Years students with an opportunity to participate in events in an environment which focused on demonstrating all of the FISHER principles, while experiencing a range of different activities.