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Performing Arts Technician
19 Dec 2022

At King’s, Performing Arts and Music are a fantastic way to channel and grow the creative energy and talent that lies within each individual. Our vision is to allow the King’s student body access to a range of Arts and Music endeavours regardless of individual ability in order to promote lifelong musical interests.

The role of Performing Arts Technician is to support the Performing Arts and Music faculties from a technical aspect to deliver programs and performances at key school events. The role works closely with the Learning Area Leader, The Arts, music staff and co-curricular coordinators to ensure programs and events are delivered professionally and efficiently.

We are inviting applications for this new and exciting role for commencement in January 2023. This role will suit an adaptable and energetic audio-visual and sound technician.

Applications close Friday 13 January 2023. Please visit the below links for further information on the Job Descriptions and how to apply.