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Our Student Leaders
21 Jun 2021

Our Student Leaders

Leadership attitudes and skills are qualities we seek to nurture in ALL our students, particularly given the qualities of good leaders are also the qualities we associate with good citizens.

Some of our students have the privilege to serve our community in formal leadership positions at various levels of the school and I believe all these students take these roles seriously and with a servant's heart.

In 2021, our Senior Student Leaders are: Sara Belkner & Isaac Drury [Head Prefects] and Rachael Munger, Sarah Smart, Tyson Austin & Isaac Mann [Deputy Prefects]. Each of these young people have a heart to serve our community and provide wisdom, guidance and an example to our student body.

In past years, Christian Schools Australia has hosted Senior Student Leaders from across Australia at their National Compass Conference. This has generally been held in Canberra and has become a highlight for young Christian Leaders. This year, due to our travel restrictions, the conference was State-based and in SA, was held in Victor Harbor.

Our Senior Leaders attended last week, from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday, and came away having been inspired and benefiting from the interaction with other students and the great input from a number of speakers.

Please see the reflections below:
The conference was eye-opening and really helped me step out in my faith. As well as getting to meet lots of new people, I also created great relationships with the other prefects in our team. This will be extremely beneficial in order for us to flourish in our roles and make the difference we are most passionate about. I feel more prepared as a leader, I have more of an idea on how to lead and am much more aware of the impact I can have.
Sara B

I really liked the theology and wisdom spoken by teachers, Tabor Lecturers, and other leaders... these people changed my perspective on the world, what leadership means, and how we can find our identity in Christ. They spoke on how the world has too many leaders boasting about what they can do, but forgetting the importance of having a selfless heart for the world and God.

My highlight from the Compass Conference is all the awesome friendships we made with leaders from across the state. I also really liked how the talks were encouraging and challenged us to become better leaders.
Isaac D

The Compass Conference was such an amazing experience. It helped me further understand what it truly means to be a leader as well as how we are called to humble ourselves for the glory of God, leading others the way Jesus did. I also enjoyed meeting new people and constantly creating memories throughout the trip that I will never forget.
Sarah S

Please join me in praying for all our Student Leaders as they take up these important servant roles within our community.