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Masterclass Connections Over Compliance

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Masterclass: Connections Over Compliance
30 Aug 2022

Date: Wednesday 7 September

Time: 9am - 3.30pm

Our King’s Community in partnership with SMG and Tabor Adelaide is delighted to host a 1 Day Masterclass with the relational neuroscientist, Dr Lori Desautels.

Author of ‘Connections Over Compliance’, Dr. Lori will share tips on how to interact with our kids in a relational way, whilst preparing them for the challenges life throws them. Dr Lori is a mother and a classroom teacher who shares relatable, real-world examples of how to support families.

Dr Lori will be presenting a practical day to understand student and adult brain states and how to respond to behaviours at home and in the classroom. If you are a parent, educator, or involved in the care of children. This is not a day to be missed!

Dr. Lori's Masterclass will cover:

-How to shift our perceptions of children’s behaviours and discipline from an outdated view that sees all behaviours as choices.

-The future perspective is based on modern neuroscience, attachment, trauma, and developmental research.

-Brain-aligned relational discipline

-Practical activities, brain breaks, and connection exercises for you to take home and to the classroom.

-How your adult brain state affects the children around you.

This day will be helpful for teachers, parents, and other professionals to understand what is going on for our children and most importantly practical strategies and steps towards engaging them at home and at school.

“A dysregulated adult cannot regulate a child. An educator who listens deeply, stays connected through the chaos, and perceives a crisis as an opportunity is the person at the heart of brain-aligned relational discipline.” Connections Over Compliance: Rewiring Our Perceptions of Discipline - Dr. Lori Desautels

Morning tea, lunch and barista coffee will be provided by Milk & Honey Café.

If cost is a prohibiting factor if your attendance, please contact