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Yrs 10 12 House Games 188

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House Games!
21 Jun 2021

House Games

Our House Games [held last week for Yr 6-12 and this week for Yr 3-5] always provide a wonderful setting for community building and the opportunity for students to interact in different ways. For many, it is an opportunity to excel outside the classroom.

As well as the obvious benefits to physical and mental health, our outdoor and sporting activities across the school provide an ideal opportunity to develop resilience, team building, creativity and problem-solving.

I was taken by the House Chants created by the students for each of our Houses. Each conveys a unique message and importantly, our FISHER principles [Fairness, Integrity, Service, Humility, Excellence and Respect & Responsibility] feature prominently. Lee Swiderski explains below, the process that was undertaken to develop these chants …

‘Since the establishment of the Houses in the Senior School Pastoral structure, students have created a chant from year to year for House Games Day. These have been inconsistent in their quality and also, at times, used some inappropriate songs to base them around. Therefore, this year the Staff House Leaders asked the Year 12’s to come up with a chant that could be used year upon year and potentially throughout the School. They asked them to consider each House Founder in finding appropriate words to inspire their House. They were also asked to include key terms from the House motto – such as valour, faith, unity etc.
The Year 12 House Captains then shared their chant with the other Year 12’s in their House, during the Orientation Day at the start of the year, and the chant was then further developed. It has now been shared and practiced with the 10-12 House team and also with the JS and MS students.’

The words of the chants are below and if you follow the video link, you will be able to enjoy the ‘live’ versions.


We are an anchor hold on tight,
we got no gloves but we’ll put up a fight
Picking our battles we’ll face head on;
faithful, persistent we are strong!


We are strong and we are bold
We will strive and shoot for gold
Faith will lead us down the track
We are stags we don’t look back

Unity is in our hearts
We’ll do our best and all take part
Brothers, sisters, we are one
Give our all until it’s done.


Warren Warren strength and might
Blue will always bring the fight
Warren Warren trust is key
Brother Sister hear our plea

Warren Warren old and new
Fighter’s spirits through and through
Warren Warren hear our roar
We know what we’re fighting for


We are White, put respect on our name
Our passion burns bright, bright like a flame
When the fire goes out, from the ashes we rise.
For the glory of God, there will be no surprise.

We never give up, we never give in,
Virtues flow through, let the battle begin.
United as one, with strength we run,
Pushing and pushing, till the battle is won.