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Future Legends Glee Small Teams Open Tempo Winners
11 Nov 2021

Congratulations to Future Legends Glee Small Teams Open Tempo winners.

Glee is a competition that involves students singing a song with some choreography. We had two Glee teams compete this year and a big thank you to their coaches, Penny VanDerVlag (The Sunshines) and Jenna Lind (Rainbow Dreamers).

Here are the list of names for each of the two Future Legends who medalled this year in SchoolAerobics Nationals (online):

  • The Sunshine - Gold Medal
    Lila, Hazel, Arya, Tabitha, Emma, Emmie, Georgia, Willow and Lily
  • Rainbow Dramers - Bronze Medal
    Arabella, Avery, Bethany, Catherine, Savannah and Summer