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From the Principal's Desk: Friday, 29 October
29 Oct 2021

From time to time, I find myself explaining to students that one doesn’t need a position or title to show great leadership. At King’s, we have articulated our FISHER principles within the context of three domains of leadership - Servant Leadership, Accountable Leadership and Pastoral Leadership - for ALL who participate in our community. Everything we do strives to create Christ-like leaders and we see a potential leader in everyone.

Our Leadership Values are:

Servant Leadership
Demonstrating Humility and Service by leading with empathy, awareness and a commitment to the growth of others.

Accountable Leadership
Being reliable, responsible and building trust with others by acting with Excellence and Integrity.

Pastoral Leadership
Caring for the person is behind every decision, action and conversation by treating each other with Fairness and Respect.

I had the pleasure of meeting with our 2022 Prefects last week. Please pray for these students as they prepare for this responsibility and for all those who show great leadership - whether they have a title or not.