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From the Principal's Desk: Friday, 26 November
26 Nov 2021

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’.
Romans 8:28

With the opening of our borders this week, we enter a new chapter in our COVID journey. I have, for some 18 months, been prayerfully seeking to understand what God might be teaching us during this difficult time. After all, we are assured by Paul in his letter to the Romans that, 'God works for the good of those who love him'.

Saturday’s Weekend Australian carried an article (compiled by Helen Trinca) entitled, ‘What I Learnt from COVID’ - and highlights the reflections and learnings of several of our top ASX 200, female CEOs. I found it fascinating (but not surprising) that their learning largely reflected Christian biblical and faith understandings...and the Leadership Values we hold at King’s.

What I Learnt from COVID

Pastoral Leadership - Caring for the person behind every decision, action and conversation by treating each other with Fairness and Respect.

  • The importance of open and transparent communication – providing regular updates.
  • The Team is everything – important NOT to become siloed.
  • Being available, visible, and present to our people and to our teams.
  • The importance of empathy and creating a culture that supports communication and feedback, encourages problem-solving and resolution and fosters creativity.
  • One needs to increase communication – even when you don’t have the answers.

Servant Leadership - Demonstrating Humility and Service by leading with empathy, awareness, and a commitment to the growth of others.

  • Combination/balance of decisiveness with collaboration.
  • To remain true to values.
  • Adaptability – a critical leadership skill. When faced with ambiguity and constantly changing goalposts, one must adapt at pace and take people with you…in real time.
  • Dealing with unknowns – you can’t depend on past experience.
  • Empower leaders to respond with confidence to the ever-changing conditions and restrictions.
  • Learn how to lead remotely.

Accountable Leadership - Being reliable, responsible and building trust with others by acting with Excellence and Integrity.

  • The need to adapt according to the best information available.
  • Make sure data is up-to-date and at the right level of detail. Up-to-date data is critical for good decision making.
  • Make decisions every day, and more often if required.
  • Don’t leave problems unattended or they will come back magnified.
  • Remain connected to your teams – you cannot overcommunicate. Ensure staff are informed, not just of the challenges, but also the wins.
  • Once you have a clear direction, trust your leaders to do their jobs.

Finally, a very powerful video clip called ‘The Great Realisation’ provides an excellent reflection on our lives as a result of the pandemic. It is well worth a look and speaks poignantly about our blessings…if only we pause to look.