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From the Principal's Desk: Friday, 25 February
25 Feb 2022

I continue to be grateful for our faithful staff, students and families as we continue to work in challenging circumstances and moving towards "normality" as safely as possible. I acknowledge the stress and anxiety that such times bring, and sincerely appreciate the support and understanding of our community as we work through this season.

COVID: Easing of Restrictions for Schools

As of Week 5 (Monday, 28 February), the following activities can resume:

  • Day excursions and incursions (held outdoors where possible)
  • Interschool sporting competitions
  • Limited extra curricular activities (Year 6-Year 12 in Week 5; Reception-Year 5 in Week 6)
  • Camps and other outdoor activities required by the SACE
  • Parent tours and information nights targeted at students considering enrolling (held in a COVID safe manner)

Staff will continue to use online meetings and professional development where possible.

As you will appreciate, finding replacement staff has been somewhat difficult. Also the School is conscious of students missing special events due to isolation, etc. Given these considerations, the School may postpone some events to ensure appropriate staffing and to enable maximum involvement by students.

Visitors in Schools, Preschools, ECEC and OSHC

This can include:

  • Those attending the School for specific events held outdoors (eg. spectators attending outdoor sporting games)
  • Volunteers required by the school

All adult visitors must wear a face mask when indoors, practise physical distancing, and not attend the site if they are unwell. Visitors attending sites - including parents - should continue to be minimised.

Continuing Settings

The following COVID-19 settings remain in place:

  • Face masks continue to be required, but not mandated, (when indoors) for: 1) all adults (except when it impedes the ability to teach), and 2) students in Year 6-Year 12.
  • Face masks are strongly encouraged for students in Year 3-Year 6 (when indoors).

Current testing, isolating and quarantine settings remain unchanged, including definitions for classroom contacts. Non-SACE related overnight camps are postponed.

I thank all students, parents and the wider King's Community for the understanding and cooperation - and pray that, even in these trying times, you will feel God's presence and that you will look to Him for guidance as we continue to navigate these challenges.