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Year 8 Seminar Day

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Finding Space
24 Sep 2021

A big hello to the King’s Baptist community!

I have had the honour of visiting this last week of Term 3 to share some really fun things and also a really important message.

Finding Space is passionate about the heart behind our name. Creating a safe space for discovery of what is happening with in us, that directly impacts the world and people around us. We also desire for young people to understand how a distorted identity can have a really negative impact on the heart of who we truly are. This can impact our mental/emotional health and even our physical health.

With a variety of creative resources, our heart is to equip, encourage and inspire people of all ages to not only understand but also to celebrate and embrace their own uniqueness and the diversity of others around us.

As a part of my visit, I spent some time awakening the students to a deeper understanding of what it could mean or look like to be within their classes and peer groups a ‘therapeutic community.’ I have been incredible blessed by the hearts of the students, their courage in vulnerability and their openness to listening to what is sometimes awkward conversations...on things like emotions.

I have also been super-impressed and really touched by their hospitality and kindness.

Until next time...

Amanda Cox
Director, Finding Space

Oh, and, some of the students have seen and heard about our newly released hard cover story book, ‘Cookie Felt Sad’ - I have left copies at the school and for the library, but for those who wanted their own copy, I have also offered a ‘kingsfriends’ discount of $5.

Please use the following discount code at the checkout: kingsfriends