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Early Years & Junior School Olympics Celebration
11 Aug 2021

On a sunny winter’s Monday afternoon, students from the Early Years and Junior Schools gathered to hold an Olympics closing ceremony. The original plan had been for a 2 week celebration of the Olympics using the theme 'United By Emotion'; however, due to COVID, plans changed and instead, staff and students commemorated the closing of the Olympics with a ceremony and using the theme of the 'Worlds We Share'.

Students were encouraged to arrive at school wearing clothing or colours representing the country of origin for their families. Within the Early Years and Junior Schools, we have families from many different cultural backgrounds.

Amidst the sea of green and gold, there were many colourful, traditional outfits from Nigeria, South Korea, Germany, Sri Lanka, China, France, Italy, Croatia, Russia, and other countries. There was also a rainbow of colours representing flags and sports colours from countries around the world. Every continent was lovingly represented. Many people made the most of the photo opportunity to take a picture of their students in front of the Olympic Rings on the gate of Friendship House.

The closing ceremony saw the students lining the outside of the path on the top oval. The Olympic torch was carried in a relay by the Sports Captains amidst the cheers of the gathered “athletes”. At the end of the relay, all of the Schools gathered in front of the assembled dignitaries (Mr Grimmet, Mrs Jones, Clare Williamson) and listened as the Sports Captains read aloud the closing ceremony pledge as shared at the official Summer Olympics closing ceremony.