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Celebrating National Volunteers Week
20 May 2022

At King’s, we are a school that is committed to working in partnership with parents in striving to create the best environment for our young people to flourish. While there is much evidence to connect the involvement of parents in the lives of their children with positive outcomes for them, there is also a wider support network which significantly contributes to the vibrant, inclusive and welcoming spirit of King’s.

This support network is our very special group of volunteers.

While COVID has provided some challenges in this space in recent times, it has been wonderful to begin to welcome our volunteers back to fulfill the very important role they play in everyday life at King’s.

There are those who serve in formal ways within our community, such as the Parents and Friends group or the School Board. Just as importantly, there is a wide range of people who serve in less formal settings, such as involvement in excursions, coaching sporting teams and supporting teaching and learning experiences within the classroom. These are just examples of the many and varied ways so many people bless our community with their service.

To all those who support our community in some way - you are an exceptional group of people with a heart for others. You create a culture of service which permeates our community and sets an example for our young people to follow and you play a significant role in making King’s the uniquely special place that it is.

On behalf of the entire community - thank-you!

Lee Swiderski, Acting Principal