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2M Zoo Project
18 Nov 2021

Our focus this term in our inquiry lessons has been how animals grow, change, and live in the world around them.

Students went to the Adelaide Zoo Snooze in Week 3 and from there they chose an animal that they would like to research and inquire about. Students then spent two weeks gathering information about their chosen animal.

In Week 5, students were asked to consider what an appropriate habitat would be for their animals based on their size, habitats and needs and to recommend to the class how big their enclosure would need to be based on scaling and informal measurements. Their recommendations were then made into a map of where each animal should go ensuring predators and prey were separated and each animal had the space they needed.

Students then spent the first three days of Week 6 building their enclosures for their animals showing incredible problem solving and resourcefulness in their materials. Some students worked together and all students supported each other to complete their wonderful class zoo.

Students loved sharing their work with other classes and it was an enriching time of learning for the whole class.