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2021 Sandy Running Festival
20 Oct 2021

On Saturday, 16 October, over 90 King’s staff, students and parents participated in the inaugural Sandy Running Festival event. This year's event included the Sandy35 (35km run) and Sandy10 (10km run/walk).

We had nine people involved in the Sandy35, including Year 9 students, Charlie, who finished 3rd with an outstanding time of 3:31:05, and Zach, who finished 6th with an impressive time of 4:29:39. Teachers Ruth Denton, Sarah Amey and Fiona Hunter also participated, alongside parents Michael Jolly, James Girvan, Kelly McConnell and Rebecca Riddle. The 35km run started in the southern beaches and ended on the Osborne Foreshore.

The Sandy10 had over 80 staff, students and parents participate in the 10 run/walk that started in Tennyson and ended at the same location on the Osborne Foreshore. This was mainly completed by the Year 9 Rite Journey classes as a contribution to them completing activities that demonstrate courage, consideration, compassion, commitment and collaboration - which is the focus of the program over the year.

The Sandy Running Festival is all about running or walking on the beach to help raise funds for the awesome work that is provided to the people of South Sudan by Bright Futures Child Aid & Development Fund. This year's event raised over $20,000, with profits from the festival going towards providing midwife training and building a paediatric ward onto a local clinic in Tonje, South Sudan that has served the region for over 20 years. These maternal and child health projects can be the difference between life and death for children and mothers in these communities where preventable disease and complications still cut too many lives short.

A larger Sandy Running Festival event is set to take place on 9 April 2022, with 68km, 35km and 10km distances available. To find out more and get involved this wonderful event (as a runner, sponsor or volunteer), please visit the Sandy Running Festival website or Facebook page.