The Duke of Edinburgh is an internationally recognised Award. It empowers young people to realise their full potential and build a brighter future. Each person who participates in the Award learns a skill, improves their physical well-being, volunteers in their community and undertakes an Adventurous Journey within a team.

At King’s we believe in giving our students every opportunity to be their best self. Through encouraging students to improve and challenge themselves, the Duke of Ed guides students on a journey to find their meaning, purpose and passion in life. Duke of Ed. is not about being the best at something, it is about challenge, commitment, improvement and contribution.

The Award is open to young people from 14-24 yrs of age. There are three levels to the award – bronze, silver and gold. Each level has specific requirements for completion.

The Benefits of the Duke of Ed Award include

I had fun, made new friends, and as each new level was achieved the difficulty for completion increased as well. 

Ben VanDerVlag 2009  

“Duke of Ed was such an Amazing experience. I was able to broaden my opportunities and develop many new skills. I feel that the program really helped me realise that with time and resilience you can do anything”

Chloe VanDerVlag 2017

Why do the Duke of Ed Award

Why do the Duke of Ed Award?

  • Be recognised for activities you undertake outside of the classroom
  • Gain SACE points upon completion of each Award
  • Work towards your own personal goals
  • Gain employability skills
  • stand out on your resume and talk from real life experiences
  • Duke of Ed Employers (national and local companies) look for Duke of Ed participants!

The cost for the Bronze Level is $172, Silver Level $182 and Gold Level $192. For more information and to register, please contact the school.