Oasis is a guided resource on identity. It is a stand-alone resource but also offers optional Professional Development that aligns with the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Oasis is developed primarily for secondary school students; however, it is adaptable for small groups of any age over 12, including adults.

The content covers what identity is, how it is developed and how it impacts our everyday. It is  designed to create intentional space and encourage a lifestyle of healthy internal reflection. It awakens an understanding of unhealthy thoughts and emotions that come from a distorted identity and offers practical strategies around living free from these.

Life-Changing Truths

Created for schools across Australia, it addresses the subject of identity and leads students on a self-reflective journey of unpacking what identity is, how it is formed and how it affects our physical and emotional health.

When well-being resources are focused on positive words and ‘self-love’, it has little impact because many young people, deep down, don’t like who they are.

This resource is different to others, as it is designed to facilitate a safe environment that brings understanding to what students believe about themselves by recognising the negative thoughts and emotions that have created their internal state of being.

Oasis also supports understanding and embracing the uniqueness of others which promotes improved communication and deeper authentic relationships. We really believe in the power of this message and look forward to partnering with you!

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