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The King’s Community is a partnership between King’s Baptist Church, and King’s Baptist Grammar School; a commitment to creating a Jesus centred community that inspires hope by creating opportunities for people and families to live life better, together.

And today? Well, the King’s Community is for everyone! It consists of all the people who participate in the rich tapestry of life together here “on campus” at King’s, be that through participation with the school, church ministries, or wider interaction of our neighbourhood with the services and facilities offered through the church and/or school.

Our Story, and our Vision

It might be hard to believe, but what exists today came from the passion and dedication of a group of people from a local Baptist church who in the early 1980’s, committed to seeing a school come to life, through what would become the school motto – a Vision of Faith! This vision expressed what remains the highest value of the King’s Community, that faith in Jesus Christ is what gives any community a vision for the fullest experience of life that there is to live!

Jesus himself said:
“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full!” (John 10:10)

And so today, “The King’s Community” is a banner that speaks of who we are as a community. However, more and most importantly, it speaks of whose we are: to whom we belong to and for whom we exist, and whose mission we participate in: that is of course King Jesus!
We believe that Jesus is ultimately the creator of the King’s Community, and over 4 decades of shared life together, God’s faithfulness has brought us to this exciting chapter in the King’s story, where we are not just building buildings that are mutually beneficial, but creating facilities that serve the greater good of the whole community!

AND SO, that’s why we’ve created this web site – a place to let you know about what new facilities are taking shape under the banner of the King’s Community, and to describe how life really is BETTER TOGETHER, and to give you some easy links to the web sites of those of us involved in this partnership!

The new facility: (already) and what’s coming!

The newest expression of the King’s Community was the redevelopment of the “old” church auditorium into King’s Early Learner’s, which has been up and running since earlier this year!

(PS  – It is an amazing space, and if you are keen for a tour feel free to give Marina at the front desk of the ELC a call!)

As soon as the ELC was finished, construction began on the new building that you can see taking greater shape every day!  And… housed within this incredible new space will be a brand new café that will serve as the “front door” for the whole of the King’s Community, as well as a purpose built auditorium for both worship and performing arts, as well as a variety of multipurpose spaces that will house all kinds of church ministries, as well as school and community programs.

Stage 1 - King's Early Learners and Church Offices

Stage 2 (under construction) - Auditorium, Cafe, Youth Hall, Multi-Purpose Spaces


The King’s Community is a commitment by King’s Baptist Grammar School and King’s Baptist Church to create a Jesus-centred community that inspires hope by creating opportunities for people and families to do life better, together.
We have a focus on family, belonging and wellbeing and trust this is evident in our  day to day interactions around our church, school, ELC, café, Carelink services, youth group and a variety of sporting groups.
Everyone is welcome in the King’s Community.

To create a Jesus-centred community that inspires hope by creating opportunities for people and families to do life better, together.

Within this new building will be a new café, auditorium, youth room, multi-purpose rooms, church offices, ELC, playgroup, creche room and Carelink community services.

We conducted a community consultation to determine what services would help our community to continue to flourish.  The results of this consultation outlined the most desired services as an ELC (which is now open and thriving), new café, youth room, multi-purpose spaces, and an auditorium / performance space that will be jointly used by the school and the church. 

Stage 2.1 – The Auditorium/Youth Room/Café are due to be completed by April 2021.
Stage 2.2 – The Multipurpose rooms are due to be completed by Dec 2021.

The auditorium will hold up to 480 people.  After much discussion, the decision for the auditorium to be this size was the most beneficial to cater to our King’s Community and avoid cutting into carpark space.  The space is big enough to hold sub-school events with the gymnasium still being available for our Presentation Nights at the end of the year.

Weekly school chapels will be held in new auditorium, along with performances, recital nights and other school information nights.  Depending on the needs of the school this space may also be used for our Musicals.

The building plans have been carefully designed to continue to offer as many car parks as possible for our King’s Community.  We acknowledge that for 20 minutes each weekday morning and afternoon (school pick up and drop off) there is car park congestion which is unavoidable due to the number of children being picked up in a small timeframe.
We thank you for your continuing patience and understanding, especially through the busy times, and appreciate how our community works together with respect and grace.

Yes, the Café continues to be business as usual. 

Better, Together…already!!!

Whilst the developing shared use facilities will provide all sorts of mutual benefit for the whole community, the reality is that over the last 4 decades that the school and church have existed, there are countless stories that illustrate why life really is “better, together” for a school and the church from which it came. 

And while this isn’t the place to tell ALL of those stories, here’s three ways we’re telling that story at the moment.

Each and every year, the church and school make a point to celebrate the reason that we all exist through the wonderful party that is Christmas on the Hill!!  This annual celebration is a family friendly, community event with free entertainment, amusement rides, carols and fireworks – but all of this is to acknowledge the gift that is Christmas – the day when according to our holy scriptures: “ a saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.

Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the festivities – we’d love to see you among the thousands that join us for this celebration each and every year.

The church and school have partnered with an amazing organisation – Transform Cambodia  – in the establishment and ongoing running of the ‘King’s Friendship Centre’ – an education centre for impoverished children and families in the city of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

Our partnership in this ministry not only contributes to the amazing “in country” work of this organization, it also provides an avenue for both students, parents, and folks from the church and wider community to engage in the work this organisation is doing through the immersive experiences of our “service learning” trips.

If you’re interested in “walking a mile” in someone else’s shoes, please contact

Transform Cambodia & the King's Friendship Centre

Playgroup is a time where parents, carers, babies and young children from across the church, school, and wider community can come together in a relaxed environment and socialise and learn from one another. Both adults and children can benefit from regular playgroup sessions; it is a time to talk, make friends and share experiences!

The play space, activities and toys are set out to allow children to “choose their own adventure,” and  experience and learn at their own pace with you present to lend a helping hand, all in the amazing new space that is King’s Early Learner’s!

Playgroup offers indoor and outdoor activities including painting, play dough, collage, cooking, sand play, visitor and excursion interactions, puzzles, construction equipment, music and much more – including the always popular snack time 😉

Every playgroup session ends with songs, group games and a story each week. 

Our Playgroup runs every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 am until 11:00 am. This time is filled with exploration, play-based investigations, fruit time and stories and songs for parents and children to enjoy.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our ELC. For more information, click here.

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