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We will continue to offer an exceptional Christian education to each student through this time via our online learning program, King’s@Home, beginning Monday, 26 July 2021. Please see an array of documents below to help you and your child understand how King’s@Home will work. Please reach out via our livechat feature with any questions. Thank you for your continued support.

King's Early Years

Our ELC remains open for parents working in essential services.

Reception-Year 2 students will be contacted via email by their classroom teacher with daily activities and website links to numeracy and literacy tasks to support your child’s learning through this time. For any questions, please contact your classroom teacher via email.

Year 3-Year 5

We will be delivering all learning for Year 3-Year 5 students online via King’s@Home, located on SEQTA. If you are unable to access King’s@Home please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Year 6-Year 12

We will be delivering all learning for Year 6-Year 12 students online via SEQTA. Please ask your child to contact their Pastoral teacher with any questions.