King’s Community

The King's Community

When your family joins ours, the benefits include a consistent Christian ethos, friendships that continue across year levels, and lifelong connections for you and your child with other like-minded families.

Our strong pastoral support includes each student having a Pastoral Care teacher who is also responsible for teaching the Faith Studies program.  Students attend a 40 minute Pastoral Care session each day to ensure they have opportunity to develop relationships within their class. The Pastoral Care teacher is the first point of contact for parents in regards to their child.

We have an active Parents and Friends committee and all parents are encouraged to participate. Everyone belongs at King’s – students, parents, carers, grandparents, past students and staff. We warmly welcome the active participation of our parents and grandparents in assisting us to educate your children.

Every day is open day at King’s and our extended community of parents, grandparents and friends are always welcome to attend events such as Chapel Services, Grandparent’s Day, Sporting Events, Musical Showcases, and Christmas On The Hill.

When your child leaves King’s, they don’t leave our family. They join a network of like-minded Old Scholars who enjoy Horizons twice per year, regular year group reunions, sporting groups and other opportunities to stay connected, no matter where they journey in life.

Parents and Friend's Community

Building, serving and valuing community

We believe that friendship, respect, and participation are central to a positive learning environment. When your child joins King’s so do you. We welcome your entire family into our community.

Together, we are King’s.

We exist because our community, parents just like you, wanted a school like King’s Baptist Grammar School. Many of our families say they chose King’s because of how we make them feel – the warm actions, selfless gifts, altruistic endeavours and kind words. They entrust their children to us safe in the knowledge that King’s provides a secure, supportive environment for all students.

The P&F members are a dedicated group of parents who volunteer their time and talents to serve the King’s Baptist Grammar School community and to assist with fundraising. The P&F foster a community that encourages, supports, and cares for each other, as well as pooling together the individual gifts and talents so that we can serve together and learn from each other.

If you would like further information or would like to become a P&F member, please contact us on

King's Old Scholars Association

When a student leaves the School, they don’t leave their community. King’s Old Scholars Association (KOSA) aims to maintain and enhance a vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide.

Becoming a KOSA Member

The School supports KOSA in a practical and financial way which allows KOSA to offer free membership to eligible members.

Automatic membership of KOSA is granted to an Old Scholar who has finished their Schooling at King’s. Past and current staff are also eligible to join KOSA and participate in many of the reunions and events.

We understand the importance of continuing a supportive relationship with our Old Scholars. The King’s Old Scholars Association (KOSA) aims to stay connected with our Old Scholars, celebrate their successes, milestones and support them through life’s journey. We also provide a space for our alumni community to stay connected with each other worldwide through our Horizons magazine.


In this age of social media, it’s very easy to stay up to date with what’s happening at King’s and KOSA. Horizons is published twice a year and is full of updates and stories about King’s Old Scholars and school news.

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Horizons is nothing without your news – and whilst we have a good, functioning grapevine, we’d hate to miss anyone or anything.  So, let us know what you’re up to!  We love hearing the news and stories of our past students and staff members.

For more information

To find out more about KOSA or if you would like to share any news, please contact David Matthews at or on 8289 0222 ext 267.

Reunions & Events

10, 15 and 20 Year Reunions are hosted each year to celebrate and stay connected with each other.  

The KOSA Committee holds an AGM each March and KOSA members are encouraged to nominate and join.

For more information on your Reunion or becoming a member of KOSA please contact David Matthews at or on 8289 0222 ext 267.

Are you a King's Old Scholar?

We would love to hear from you and invite you to connect with King’s.
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King's Baptist Church

King’s Baptist Church and King’s Baptist Grammar School are blessed to share life together on the hill at Wynn Vale. More important than our geography though, is the story we share of a vision for a school founded in faith more than 3 decades ago.

What began as Tea Tree Gully Christian School in the basement of Tea Tree Gully Baptist Church in the mid 1980’s, has moved through all sorts of seasons to what is now The King’s Community: A school and a church on mission together, expressing the good news of the gospel of Jesus in all sorts of ways.

Rev. Mike Bartlett is serving as the current Senior Pastor of King’s Baptist Church.  He is passionate about the many ways that King’s church and school share people, places, community life and ministry together. The School’s chaplains and youth workers (Kathryn Churchett, Jason Lippitt, and Abe Johnson) are sent from our church to the school as pastoral carers and spiritual directors for staff, students and their families. 

The Lookout Café located within the church is a great place to drop off/pick up your kids before and after school giving the opportunity for parents to enjoy a coffee and connect with each other.  We also offer a Playgroup on Mondays and Wednesdays which many King’s parents attend.

Over the last 3 years, the church and school have also partnered with Transform Cambodia in the establishment and ongoing running of the ‘King’s Friendship Centre’ – an education centre for impoverished children in the city of Phnom Penh.

Work with King's

At King’s, our staff are committed to establishing a friendly and caring environment where students can experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision of Faith – ‘Visio Fidei’ 

Everything we do at King’s is driven by the Vision of Faith. The Christian ethos permeates our teaching and relationships. King’s is a school which believes that education is only complete when centred on that source of spiritual release and hope.

At all levels the School seeks for the personal and faith development of each student.  Whilst the School is Baptist, the outlook and practice is interdenominational.

As a place of quality education, students will experience a well-focussed academic program, catering for the interests and abilities of both sexes. Enrichment programs in physical recreation, sport, cultural activities and performing arts nurture the whole person.

The school fosters leadership qualities and the expectation of making a contribution to the welfare of others. A framework of self-management, consideration and respect for others forms the basis for an ordered, safe and secure setting. Thus students will grow in knowledge, skills and competencies, will discover and explore their gifts, and develop character and life enriching qualities.

Our Culture

Staff at King’s are expected to model the principles that we expect our students to abide by in showing Fairness, Integrity, Service, Humility, Excellence and Respect for:

  • Themselves
  • Others
  • The School community and environment

Staff are valued and recognised as critical to our success.  King’s provides opportunity for staff to access Coaching and Mentoring programs, fitness, social and wellbeing programs. King’s is an equal opportunity employer, valuing and promoting equity and diversity.


Teachers at King’s are committed to and supported in ongoing professional learning.  This ensures our practices remain current and enable the school to meet the needs of 21st Century learners.  All staff are expected to be committed to continuous professional and personal learning.  Staff are expected to demonstrate a commitment and a willingness to develop their Christian Faith and to be involved in the full life of the School community and a wide range of interaction with students in line with our School values.