Beyond The Classroom

"At King's, I know who I am."

Our students are given every opportunity to discover who they are and what ignites their passion. We don’t limit learning to the classroom. A King’s student approaches the whole world as a source for discovery and a place to make their own contribution.

We believe every child has God given talents to be developed and nurtured. A wide range of co-curricular and service learning programs is on offer to students to allow exploration of areas of interest and build skills and expertise. Opportunities include maths talent quiz nights, instrumental and vocal ensembles, debating teams, Clubs for creative writing, science, chess and more.

King’s encourages excellence in sporting, music and performing arts arenas, and promotes the values of working together and in service of others. Read more about our offering beyond the classroom and discover some of the King’s Signature Progams.

Sport, PE & Outdoor Education

Sport, PE, and Outdoor Education plays a significant role in the life of a King’s student. Many of our Old Scholars have gone on to compete at national, international, or professional levels in sports as diverse as AFL, Wakeboarding, Ten-Pin Bowling, Gridiron, Powerlifting (Paralympics), Basketball, Athletics and Darts to mention a few!

King’s takes part in a combination of SACSA, SAPSASA, SSSA, State and Metro sporting competitions throughout the year. The School offers a diverse range of sports for both boys and girls, ranging from Football, Netball, Soccer, Table Tennis and Swimming to Basketball and Volleyball. Physical activity is very much a part of everyday life at the School with all students at every year level undertaking weekly Physical Education classes and programs.

At King’s we know that encouraging young people to participate in Physical and Outdoor Education teaches them valuable life skills and gives them opportunities to build confidence, resilience, and independence. It can awaken strengths within themselves as they learn firsthand the benefits, and necessity, of team-work, collaboration, and working for the benefit of all, not just self. 

The Arts

Music, Performing & Visual Arts

At King’s, the performing and visual arts are a way to channel and grow the creative energy that lies within each individual. The power of voices singing with heart and the magic of young people finding expression through dance or movement is just part of our program.

From drama and debating to modern dance, every student is encouraged to express themselves through creative mediums. Each year, for students in Year 6 to 12 who want a real taste of the theatre, King’s hosts a major school production. This allows them to highlight musical, acting and dancing talent and get a firsthand experience of ‘strutting the boards’ in the wonderful Michael Parfitt Theatre, with full sound and lighting studio. All Junior School students participate in the annual Nativity performance.

More than a third of King’s students undertake private music or voice tuition and King’s offers a number of choirs, ensembles, bands and vocal groups. Students regularly perform at Arts Evenings and Exhibitions; Recital Nights, Weekly Chapels, Celebration and Awards Evenings, Cabaret Nights, Family Chapel Nights, Open Days, Assemblies, Parent Meetings, and many community events.

Dance, Glee, Aerobics & Cheer

Schoolaerobics is the largest inter-school Sportaerobic and Dance competition for Primary and Secondary School students throughout Australia. The events cater for all ages, Reception through to Old Scholars, with a range of genres, different skill levels and abilities. For the past 20 years, King’s students, from the first team of 12 to the current 100, have embraced the chance to represent the School.

The SchoolAerobics and Dance extracurricular program allows students to improve their fitness, confidence, health and self-esteem through participation in a healthy and fun competition. It teaches our students the importance of team work and the discipline and rewards of practice. It asks them to move beyond their comfort zones. One of the highlights is the relationships our younger students develop with our older students; the mentoring occurs naturally, and many life-long friendships are formed.

King’s students are exceptionally talented and enjoy success at both a state and national level. Some of our students have taken the sport they love even further and now compete at a world level! Many Old Scholars return to help out with the program and coach and develop the next generation of King’s SchoolAerobics competitors.

Service Learning

At King’s we know school can be a place where faith is formed, and compassion is nurtured. We aim to be a Christian School in action as well as name. Service Learning is a fundamental aspect of our program, providing staff and students the chance to respond to God’s marvellous grace which is as fresh every morning as there are needs in our community.

The Service Learning program asks our students to look not just within themselves but outward to the world around them. King’s students are given many opportunities to be involved in the local community and even travel overseas to one of our partner schools in Japan, Cambodia or Germany. We know that when you meet different people face-to-face in challenging contexts, it takes courage, but it changes you for the better. Our students have been out and about on Service Projects, helping at places such as:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Salvos Op Shop
  • Golden Grove Baptist Church
  • Playgroup
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Westcare
  • Mawson Lakes Retirement Village
  • St Marks Anglican Church
  • Uniting in Care in Salisbury
  • YWAM
  • Rotary – Shelter Box
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • 40 hour Famine
  • Organising Fundraisers
  • Year 12 Charity Ball
  • King’s Cambodia Trip
  • Building connections with the Early Arrivals Unit at Pennington School

We offer more programs for students