The Arts

At King’s, the Performing and Visual Arts are a fantastic way to channel and grow the creative energy and talent that lies within each individual. The power of voices singing with heart and the magic of young people finding expression through dance, movement and the creative arts is just part of our program.

From drama and music to painting and sculpture, every student is encouraged to express themselves through creative mediums. Students in Year 6 to 12 who want a real taste of the theatre, King’s offers courses in musical theatre and dance, hosting a major biennial school production. This enables them to showcase musical, acting and dancing talent and get a firsthand experience of ‘strutting the boards’ in professional theatres, with full sound and lighting effects.  All Junior School students participate in the annual Nativity performance.

More than a third of King’s students undertake private instrumental music or voice tuition. King’s offers a wide range of vocal and instrumental ensembles for students to participate in and pursue their love of music – including Strings; Concert, Rock and Jazz bands. Students regularly perform at Arts Evenings and Exhibitions; Recital Nights, Weekly Chapels and Lunchtime Concerts, Celebration and Awards Evenings, Cabaret Nights, Assemblies, Parent Meetings, and community events such as Christmas on the Hill.

Year 3 Musical

It has become a tradition at King’s that all Year 3 students experience live theatre performance as part of a class musical production.  Each year the Year 3 cohort present a musical production to the school community, developing their confidence, collaboration and performance skills. Every student is involved in performing on stage singing, acting as a character with lines to recite, and executing simple movement/dance numbers. This program is an important step in the journey our students take as they move out of Junior Primary into Primary, developing their independence and self-confidence in an engaging learning environment. The Year 3 Musical is a highlight in the King’s calendar.

Middle / Senior Musical

King’s has a proud and respected tradition of producing high quality musicals.  Students in Years 7-12 audition, rehearse and collaborate to present Broadway’s best loved shows to enthusiastic audiences. Students work with experienced practitioners in both on and off stage roles to hone their skills, develop their talents and get a taste of live theatre in a fun and engaging environment. Our productions are performed in the Shedley Theatre providing authentic experiences for our budding thespians, preparing them for a future on the stage.

King's 2020 Musical Announcement!

King’s Musicals – Over The Years


King’s has a strong vocal program offering three choirs Junior R – 5, Middle / Senior 6 – 12 and auditioned group Harmony. These vocal ensembles rehearse weekly and regularly perform at school and community events.


The Year 2 strings program has been a strong feeder to the two strings ensembles – Junior Strings Year 2 – 5 and String Ensemble 6 – 12. These string ensembles rehearse weekly and regularly perform at school and community events

Brass / Woodwind Bands

At King’s, all Year 5 students are given the exciting opportunity to learn a Wind instrument: – either Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet or Trombone as part of our Wind program. Students undertake weekly lessons in a small group setting to develop technical skills with our instrumental experts. Students then combine as class bands and develop their collaborative and ensemble performance skills, playing a varied repertoire of classic and contemporary band pieces. The culmination of this program is an entertaining concert to the school community, a definite highlight for our Junior School students.

Chapel Bands

Every week students attend a Chapel service, which provides opportunities for worshipping and learning about God in community with their peers. Chapel bands Year’s 6/7, 8/9, 10, 11, and 12) rehearse and perform weekly at the various chapels. Chapel bands provide students the opportunity to perform, develop as musicians and teaches them to use their skills to lead their teachers and peers in worship.

Drama Club and Theatre Sports

Through creative role-play, stimulating, interactive drama games and exercises, students jump into the wonderful world of imagination, expression and creativity. Along with specific theatre craft skills, many life skills are taught in the process, this includes collaboration, confidence and clear communication techniques. These are incorporated in role-play, improvised storytelling, poetry and prose pieces, mime, and physical comedy. Students work towards performance pieces that include monologues, duologues, scenes from plays and group performances.

Instrumental Lessons

King’s is blessed with a very talented and dedicated team of Instrumental Music teachers. Staff inspire their students to improve and enrich their students’ knowledge and understanding of music from the perspective of their chosen instrument. Our teachers work with a specific focus on the technical aspects of the instrument which in turn increases the students’ rate of progress. As a result this also teaches students the importance of commitment, being rewarded with the fruits of their labour! By encouraging students to participate in performance opportunities provided by King’s (such as Recital Nights and community events), students develop greater confidence and more robust performance technique.  Lessons are available for the following instruments:

  • Bass & Amplifier
  • Cello
  • Violin / Viola
  • Clarinet
  • Double Bass
  • Drums
  • Flute
  • Guitar – Acoustic & Electric
  • Piano
  • Saxophone
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Voice

Visual Arts

Visual Arts engages students in conceptual, practical, analytical and contextual aspects of creative human endeavour. It emphasises visual thinking and investigation and the ability to develop ideas and concepts, refine technical skills and produce imaginative solutions. An integral part of Visual Arts is the documentation of visual thinking. Students learn to communicate personal ideas, beliefs, values, thoughts, feelings, concepts and opinions, provide observations of their lived or imagined experiences and represent these in visual form.