Application for Enrolment Form

Enrolling at King’s

The first step in enrolling your child at King’s is completion of the Application for Enrolment form.  Application Forms may be submitted at anytime. There is no application fee. 

We encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place for your child in your preferred entry year.

The main entry points for our Wynn Vale Campus are: ELC, Reception, Year 6 and Year 10.

The main entry points for our Adelaide Hills Campus are: ELC to Year 2 commencing in 2023, followed by additional year levels each year thereafter (Year 3 in 2024; Year 4 in 2025; and so on). Applications for Enrolment for future students at the relevant year level are welcome.

Please complete and sign the form. Return the form to the Admissions Office ensuring all relevant information requested has been provided.  

As a Christian School, our Enrolment Policy encourages children of Christian families, however, we also welcome students from non-church attending families. Within this broad category siblings of current students, children of staff, and children of past students will be given priority.

A reference from your Minister or faith leader is an important factor in considering applications for enrolment. Religious faith and practice are important criteria for enrolment.

The date of lodging an Application for Enrolment Form will be used as a guide in the priority of enrolment.

On receipt of the form, an assessment is made as to the availability of vacancies:

  • If a vacancy exists, an appointment is made for an interview with the Principal two years prior to enrolment.
  • At the conclusion of the interview, the applicant is given the opportunity to formalize enrolment by signing an Enrolment Agreement.
  • A $600 non-refundable booking fee is payable per family. $500 will be deducted from the student’s first term fees.
  • An official letter of acceptance, together with a receipt for the booking fee is mailed to the parents of the new student.
  • If a vacancy does not exist, the applicant is given the opportunity to place the child’s/children’s names on the Waiting List and will be notified if/when a vacancy arises.