Aerobics, Dance & Cheer

Our Vision is to allow the King’s student body access to a range of Dance and Aerobics endeavours regardless of individual ability in order to promote lifelong health and fitness interests. The Co-curicular Dance and Aerobics teams develop King’s community and reflect the FISHER (Fairness, Integrity, Service, Humility, Excellence/Encouragement, Respect/Responsibility) principles to the wider world.

Purpose of Aerobics, Dance & Cheer Teams:

  • play an integral role in educating the whole child (social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical).
  • offers opportunities to display and develop character and build confidence.
  • each student is a unique creation of God with unique abilities, which can be developed through Aerobics, Dance & Cheer.
  • promotes the notion of school spirit, community and identity.

Student’s involvement in the co-curricular Aerobics, Dance & Cheer aims to develop life skills and fitness which ensure a healthy well balanced approach to life. Everyone can benefit from involvement in Aerobics, Dance & Cheer with the opportunity to compete in a competitive atmosphere while being supported by family and friends. The philosophical underpinning of our Aerobics, Dance & Cheer teams at King’s relates more to involvement than elitism, with success being measured much more broadly than by medals won. As such, your purposeful role as a coach is to define that outcome by the way you conduct yourself both at training and during our competitions.

Coaches are encouraged to use Aerobics, Dance & Cheer as a unique vehicle to teach lifelong character traits as an indicator of success rather than a win / loss focus. While winning is an exhilarating part of Aerobics, Dance & Cheer it should never be the ultimate goal of any coach or school. As a school we value the development of the person which needs to be reflected in our teams’ aims. We need to develop ways to actively teach character in our teams. If our ultimate goal is to develop character it will shape the way that our teams represent King’s in the community and the attitudes that these teams take into competition.

Aim of Co-curricular Aerobics, Dance & Cheer Teams

The aim of the co-curricular Aerobics, Dance & Cheer Program is to provide opportunities for involvement in a positive, supportive environment. This will promote immediate and long term benefits to students which will be observed in terms of better health and fitness, socialization, improved feelings of self-confidence and self-worth and the satisfaction derived from skilled performance in individual and group activities.

The Co-curricular Aerobics, Dance & Cheer programs at King’s will aim to promote:

  • Demonstration and development of Christian character.
  • Skill and technique development and teamwork
  • An atmosphere of friendly cooperation and healthy competition.
  • Character traits both on and off the competition stage. This ensures the athlete values the character traits above the desire to be involved in sporting opportunities.

Other benefits of the co-curricular program:

  • Encourages fellowship amongst students, across year levels and between staff, students, parents and others.
  • Provides contact with other schools and communities and enhancing the school image within the community.
  • Provides an opportunity for students, both team members and non-team members to be visibly involved in school life.
  • Builds community with an outreach component to help others.