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School Fees

2023 Fee Estimate* - Adelaide Hills

The following 2023 Fee Schedule is a guide for future parents of King's Baptist Grammar School - Adelaide Hills Campus and is subject to change.

Year LevelFirst ChildSecond ChildThird ChildFourth ChildFifth Child
Early Years (Reception-Year 2)$5,925$4,800$3,690$1,465$350
Junior School (Year 3-Year 5)$6,115$5,000$3,885$1,660$535
Middle School (Year 6-Year 7)$7,190$5,885$4,575$1,945$640
Middle School (Year 8-Year 9)$7,910$6,450$4,980$2,050


Senior School (Year 10-Year 12)$8,265$6,730$5,200$2,150$720

To calculate your family’s annual fees, add the amounts that correspond to your child’s year level, starting with the eldest child.

  • Tuition and Curriculum Levies
  • Classroom Resources
  • Excursions
  • Camps
  • Textbook Hire
  • Diary
  • Student Insurance (non-Medicare rebatable expenses) and SA Ambulance Cover
  • Building Improvement Levy $200 (per family)
  • Yearbook $25 (one per family, unless notified of anything different)
  • Private Music Tuition, Instrument Tuition Books and Instrument Hire (if required)
  • Campion stationery order for each student (direct to Campion)
  • External Competitions, e.g. University of NSW Competitions

Sibling Discount

Significant sibling discounts, as detailed in the above table, are available to the second and subsequent students enrolling from the same family.

School Card Concession

This requires an annual application to be submitted and a reduction of fees will be applied to your Statement of Account at the complete discretion of the school.

Early Payment Discount

For accounts paid in full for the whole year in advance a discount of 4% will be applied to the account. For amounts paid per semester (half year) in advance a discount of 2% will be applied to the account.