Design & Technology

Teaching and learning in Design & Technology provides an exciting opportunity for students to expand their skills and knowledge in areas as diverse as welding, furniture construction, CAD Drawing, metal fabrication, plastics and energy systems involving solar and automotive. Students build their Design & Technology understanding from Year 6  through to the senior years where Automotive Studies and Furniture Design require the investigating, designing, making and evaluating process. Indeed, the Design Process underpins all areas across the Design & Technology curriculum. Students will develop specific skills in project design, wood and metal machining, race kart driving, upkeep and maintenance, presenting ideas graphically to Australian Standards and materials knowledge while working safely. They also expand their technical vocabulary while learning about the world of work. Vocationally the subject provides a platform for further study in the fields of Design & Technology Teacher Education, Industrial & Interior Design, Architecture and in a trade sense, those areas involving the built environment.   


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