Junior Arts

Visual Arts

During years six students will experiment with ideas and practises, further develop their techniques and skills in painting, drawing, model making, animation and printing. They will continue to learn about Artists and Artworks from different cultures and take part in various visual arts displays including our Annual Art Exhibition.

Year 6 Achievement Standard

By the end of Year 6, students should be able to explain how ideas are represented in artworks they make and view. They describe the influences of artworks and practices from different cultures, times and places on their art making.

Students manipulate representational elements and visual arts practices to express a personal view in their artworks. They demonstrate and documents different perceptual and practical skills in the design, construction and display of artworks.

Topic of Focus


Content descriptions


Students should be able to demonstrate skills in

Line Shape

2D or 3D Form


6.1 Experiment with ideas and practices, including practices of different cultures, to represent different viewpoints

Selecting and manipulating combinations of materials and techniques.

Exploring cross-media effects and characteristics of representation when making artworks inspired by observation or imagination.

Making aesthetic choices about representation and being able to explain their choices describing the visual conventions and processes.

Pattern Tone

2D or 3D Form


6.2 Develop and apply techniques and processes to predict and innovate when making their artworks

Making informed choices about using various combinations of representational elements appropriate for a concept, theme or subject matter

Explaining influences of other artists on their own art making.

Evaluating the characteristics of their work that are more successful.

Space Texture

2D and 3D Form


6.3 Plan and display artworks to enhance their meaning for an audience

Identifying reasons for the range of audience interpretations of the same artwork, considering viewpoints or the concept.

Recognising and evaluating how culture, gender, age, time and the response of different age groups.

Reflecting critically on how effectively their ideas or feelings have been expressed in their own artworks, and that of others.


2D Form


6.4 Explain how visual arts practices communicate meaning by comparing artworks from different social, cultural and historical contexts.

Making discerning judgements about how they work as an artist, and what and why they design and create using appropriate visual.

Explaining the artistic vision of artists from different contexts, particularly referencing the meaning their artworks convey.


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