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King’s offers the following programs involving dance:

Reception to Year 8

Students in year 10 and 11, as part of their choreographic assignments, under the supervision and guidance of Dance Teacher Mrs Jodie Lind, organize and run “Dance for Fun”. This program is very popular with students, and has been a talked about event for many years. It has been especially popular with younger students.

Students undertake this program for 1 semester, learning dance steps once a week at lunchtime, culminating in a dance performance at the end of the semester.

Year 6 -12

From year 6, students can audition to be a dancer in the King’s Musical. The musical is a whole school activity comprised of singers, dancers, actors and musicians that fulfil a variety of on stage and off stage roles including backstage, prop making and sets. Students that successfully audition to be a dancer in the musical are cast in scenes where dance is used to enhance the visual effect of that part of the musical.

Year 10

Students can undertake either Year 10 Dance for one semester or Stage 1 Creative Arts (Dance Focus) for 1 semester – or both to take up a full year of Dance. Creative Arts has a musical theatre focus and investigates musical theatre and researches current practitioners. Students undertaking Creative Arts must be involved in the school musical. Dance at year 10 comprises 4 facets – technique, choreography/composition, performance and Reflection/Evaluation of performances.

Year 11 (Stage 1)

Students can undertake either Year 11 Dance for one semester or Stage 1 Creative Arts (Dance Focus) for 1 semester – or both to take up a full year of Dance. (as per year 10)

Year 12 Dance

The full year 20-credit Dance subject is offered at year 12.

Dance is the language of movement. It is the realisation of the body’s potential as an instrument of expression. Throughout history and in different cultures, people have explored the dancer’s ability to communicate and give expression to social, cultural, and personal experience.

In Dance, students develop creative, technical, and physical understanding, and an appreciation of dance as an art form.

Dance has its own specific language and processes that students learn in theory and practice through the study of technique, composition, choreography, performance, and critical analysis. Dance offers opportunities for the development of students’ creativity, self-discipline, self-esteem, personal identity, and confidence. This is achieved through experiences that encourage collaboration and creative problem-solving, the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and understanding, and the development of aesthetic awareness.

Students have the opportunity to develop a range of life skills for their careers and personal pathways, and learn to acknowledge and respect diversity and alternative perspectives on the world.

In the dance studio, students develop their own technical and physical skills through undertaking systematic training that enables the safe execution of a diverse range of movement. Students explore and develop their personal vocabulary of movement, and learn the application of choreographic and compositional principles in the creation of independent and collaborative dance works. Students undergo the disciplined process of rehearsing dance work to performance level, as well as studying the choreography of dance artists, both local and global, through attendance at, and analysis of, dance theatre performances.


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