Introducing King's

'Visio Fidei' (The Vision of Faith): our motto underpins the care of our school life. King's Baptist Grammar School is one which is centred around the Christian faith. It draws its strength from that sure rock and provides an educational context which is underpinned by faith in and witness to, our Lord. Christ is glorified as our King and our school reflects that in its name.

King's is affiliated with the South Australian Baptist Union of Churches, We have close links with neighbouring Baptist churches and with the Union and look to them for spiritual direction and support. However, we are truly inter denominational in focus. We stress the tenets of faith which are common to all orthodox Christian churches.

The Christian ethos permeates our teaching and relationships. King's is a school which believes that education is only complete when centred on that source of spiritual release and hope.

Our prayer is that our students will become secure in their faith and established in a Christian view of life through which they honour God. Our further hope is that they will take their faith into their adult life as maturing Christians within their own particular world.

For these reasons students at King's

  • Attend morning devotions in their classroom/Pastoral Care Group.
  • Participate in our Faith Studies Program.
  • Attend a weekly chapel service.
  • Attend Holy Week (prior to Easter).
  • Take Communion (on occasion).
  • Attend Annual Family Chapel Services.
  • Attend an Annual Celebration Evening (End of Year).
  • Are encouraged to be involved in acts of service, kindness and outreach through our Service Learning Program.

King's believes that pastoral care is an essential facet of a Christian school. 'Pastoral' is used in its biblical sense: as a shepherd. The school provides a Christian context for care and guidance through Teachers, Pastoral Care Group Counsellors, Co-ordinators. School Chaplains and Student Leaders. The School Chaplains are available for private counselling for students, parents and Teachers, adding a private, confidential aspect of Christian care. Student Leaders assist the Directors and Co-ordinators with organisational duties. They also provide role models and support for younger students.


Junior School

The classroom Teacher is the most easily accessible point of contact for student, parent and school. These Teachers provide special attention for students in their care. Emotional, academic or behavioural problems can be addressed immediately and effectively.

Departmental Co-ordinators provide support for classroom Teachers, students and parents. They provide a focal point for the entire department as they seek to nurture a positive, co-operative cohort through their guidance and pastoral care.


Middle School

As students within the Middle School increasingly explore greater specialist subject offerings, they retain strong connections with one key Teacher, their Pastoral Care Group Teacher, with whom they spend a significant part of their learning week. In addition to the significant teaching time with the students in their Pastoral Care Group, Middle School Pastoral Care Group Teachers work with their class for five Pastoral Care/Christian Education lessons per week.

Middle School Pastoral Care Group Teachers are supported in their work with students by both male and female Pastoral Co-ordinators and male and female Chaplains.


Senior School

Pastoral Care provides for the students care and guidance through:

  • Pastoral Care Group Teachers
  • School Chaplains
  • School Leaders
  • Year Level Co-ordinators
  • School Administration

At Senior School, students enter the final stage of their Secondary Schooling where many decisions for their future are made. They have a daily connection with their Pastoral Care Group Teacher with whom they focus on various issues including:

  • Faith Studies/Studies in Religion
  • Class devotions
  • Year level meetings
  • Chapel participation
  • Student mentoring
  • Career planning

King's Baptist Grammar School | 3 Keithcot Farm Drive, Wynn Vale SA 5127 | P.O. Box 64 Modbury North SA 5092 | Ph. (08) 8289 0222 | ABN 85 693 637 001