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Building, Serving & Valuing Community

The P&F are a dedicated group of parents who volunteer their time and talents to serve the King’s Baptist Grammar School community. Our focus is Building, Serving & Valuing Community, so we look for opportunities that will bring people together. We want to foster a community that encourages, supports and cares for each other, as well as pooling together our gifts and talents so that can serve together and learn from each other, building up the “body”!

We have a great Parents & Friends committee that frames and gives oversight to our objectives and new members are always welcome. It is a key objective of our committee to reach and engage the parents who feel called to serve our school. This enables us to provide much more support and to serve our school community in a wide range of activities, whether it be helping out with class care, cooking a barbecue, serving afternoon tea, joining a roster system to provide a meal for a family in need, shopping for food, awards, gifts for stalls…whatever your talent or interest is, we can find an area for you to serve!

We have a Meal Care Program – Bon Appétit – which relies on volunteers throughout the school who prepare a meal for families experiencing difficult times. It is a wonderful opportunity to bless someone in their time of need, and feedback from recipient families show that they definitely feel blessed and cared for.

While our prime focus is service, care, support and encouragement, we do have one fundraising project every year. This is the Entertainment Book which is made available for purchase around April each year.

A body is made up of many parts, and each of them has its own use. That’s how it is with us. There are many of us, but we each are part of the body of Christ, as well as part of one another. God has also given each of us different gifts to use. If we can prophesy, we should do it according to the amount of faith we have. If we can serve others, we should serve. If we can teach, we should teach. If we can encourage others, we should encourage them. If we can give, we should be generous. If we are leaders, we should do our best. If we are good to others, we should do it cheerfully. Romans 12:4-7 (CEV)

If you would like more information or would like to register to become a P&F member, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can also be found on Facebook! Look us up . . . King’s Parents and Friends.

Maree Brown





P & F Committee Positions 2016

Maree B (President)

Christine L (Vice President)

Michelle N (Secretary)

Shayne T (Treasurer)






The P & F Constitution 

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