King's Baptist Grammar school is an Incorporated Association in accordance with the Incorporated Associations Act of Australia 1985. As such it has the powers and responsibilities that this legislation allows and is accountable both morally and legally for the proper running of the School.

The framework for the School's operation is founded in the School's Constitution and its operations are the responsibility of the School Board. Over the last five years the Board has chosen to adopt a 'policy governance' style of leadership in order to facilitate its strategic objectives and establish a framework of accountability, particularly in regards to the achievement of outcomes (termed 'Ends').

The policy governance model is the work of Dr John Carver who started developing this approach in the 1970's. This has developed into a more widely accepted model for governance that is now used by many not-for-profit associations like King's.

Policy governance is, in essence, a system of operating that allows the Board to control through the creation of policy and by monitoring the compliance with and the outcomes of those policies. The line of control is through the School Principal as the Chief Executive with a clear distinction between the role of the Board and the Chief Executive. This role division is also defined in policy terms. This allows the Board to concentrate on governing rather than managing, which has been the more traditional approach in the past. Governance can be defined as "ownership one step down, not management one step up". The role of governance is to provide a bridge between the organization, in this case, King's, and the external world within which it operates and to which it is accountable. The founding principles of governance are accountability, servant leadership, clarity of group values and empowerment.

The policy governance model divides the Boards responsibilities into four main areas, strategic planning, stakeholder accountability, key performance monitoring and policy development. These areas reflect the development of the internal operating environment which the Board supervises as well as the way the School interacts with the community in which it is placed and which it seeks to serve.

King's governance policy is divided into the four areas of Governance processes (covering Board operations), Executive Limitations (what the Principal can't do), Board Principal Linkage (how the Board interacts with the Principal) and Ends (defining what outcomes the School is to achieve). Continual policy review and further policy development will be the ongoing work of the Board and part of its annual agenda cycle. The Board also needs to ensure that it educates its members and plans for the ongoing work of the Board including finding and training new members as required.

For the full details of these policies please refer to the relevant section of this website.

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