Year of faith at King's

 Each year there are significant events for students and staff to stop, reflect, pray and respond to Jesus.

  • Staff Commencement Service
    The first event for staff each year is to gather together at the Golden Grove Baptist Church for their Commencement Service as well as a time to reconnect after the long summer break, and to meet new staff members.



  • Ash Wednesday
    Over the last few years we have developed our King’s tradition of Black Day. On Ash Wednesday all staff and students (as well as parents) are encouraged to wear something black. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, and is the seventh Wednesday before Easter Sunday. Its name comes from the ancient practice of placing ashes in a mark that resembles a cross on worshippers’ foreheads as a sign of humility before God, a symbol of mourning and sorrow over the things in our lives that are opposite to God’s plan for living.  It is a day of reflection on what needs to change in our lives if we are to grow as followers of Jesus. A day of saying sorry to God, and asking him to help us change.
    This day leads into Lent - a time to look into our hearts and make the ancient prayer of David our own: "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me" (Psalm 51). Staff and students are encouraged to consider what they might fast from during Lent, to help them focus on their relationship with God.


  • Holy Week
    Holy Week at King’s is always a blessed time, with opportunities for reflecting, praying and responding to what Jesus has done for us.
    • Chapels & Communion
      Staff are invited to share Communion at their Monday morning Devotions.
    • Junior School Activities
      • Monday morning we have a Palm Sunday Celebration on the oval. Junior School students, staff and parents create a path across the oval. As they wave their branches, a Year 12 student, in the role of Jesus, walks this path with his group of Reception ‘Disciples’.
      • Tuesday morning, the Junior School students reflect on the Last Supper and Communion in their Classrooms.
      • Thursday morning we make the same path across the oval as we remember that Jesus carried the cross for us. This is a very moving time, as the Year 12 student carries a cross and the crowd watches in silence.
        • Thursday morning, the Junior School students reflect on the Resurrection in their classrooms.
      • Easter Vigil
        On Wednesday morning, the staff, students and parents are invited to a 30 minute vigil on the School oval
      • R-12 Easter Celebration
         Holy Week, and the term, conclude with an R-12 Easter Celebration in the Amphitheatre.  
      • Way of the Cross




  • JAM
    A family event for JP families, held each term, with a theme and activities to enable families to have fun together.





  • Family Chapel Mornings and Nights
    • For Reception to Year 5, each term concludes with a combined Chapel at Golden Grove Baptist Church. This is a time to worship together as a Junior School, with many parents also able to attend. The dates for 2011 are:
      • Term 2 – Friday 8th July. This is also our launch for Operation Christmas Child.
      • Term 3 – Friday 16th September. This is also our collection day for Operation Christmas Child.
      • Term 4 – Friday 2nd December 
    • For Year 6/7 students, there is a God Stuff Family Chapel night in Term 3. In 2011, this is on Thursday 15th September.
    • Year 8/9 have a bi-annual Family Chapel Night. The next one will be in 2012.
    • For Year 12 students, there is a Family Chapel Night at the beginning of Term 4, before their exams begin. This is also the launch of ‘Operation Help me God’, a program to make sure that each Year 12 student has someone praying for them over the exam period. In 2011, this is on Wednesday 19th October.



  • Special Events links with Golden Grove Baptist Church
    • Way of the Cross
      Each year the Golden Grove Baptist Church creates an Easter event – ‘The Way of the Cross’. These 8 interactive stations are a Spiritual Formation practice of recalling the events between Jesus’ arrest and death. Each Station is a stopping place to pause, reflect, pray.
    • Bible Times Village
      In 2010, a group of people from GGBC created a wonderful experience for the Junior School students to experience something of the life of Bible times. Over a day, each class visited the Village, set up in the church auditorium. Each student received 6 silver coins, to spend at the Bible Times house, carpenter’s shop, Tabernacle, leather work shop, weaver’s shop, fisherman’s shop or the market. They also played Bible Time games and learned a Jewish Dance.



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