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On sale from Thursday, 19th June, 2014

Last year to celebrate our school's 30th Anniversary, we embarked on a first for King’s; an entire CD recorded right here at school using our new recording facilities! Approximately 150 students from Reception to Year 12 were involved in recording with their ensemble. Students experienced what it was like to perform in a studio environment with a recording session allocated to each ensemble. I had the pleasure of recording the students over 5 days for what was a hectic, exciting and successful time. Now, for you to enjoy is a 12 track CD, “In Our Hands” performed completely by King’s students, for only $10 each!

Once you have paid for the CD, it will give you an option to “print your ticket” which will have a confirmation number on it. To collect your copy of the CD, simply bring in your ticket to either the Main Front Office or the Friendship House front office.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Ensembles on the CD are:

· JP Choir

· Primary Choir

· Yr 6-12 Choir· Harmony

· Yr 5 God Squad

· Yr 6/7 God Squad

· Yr 8/9 Chapel Band

· Yr 10-12 Chapel Band

· Jr. String Ensemble

· String Ensemble

· Yr 11/12 Music Class· Yr 10/11 Music Students

To Purchase a CD - follow this link.


In Our Hands Demo (mp3 file)


Reception and Year 1
Students in Reception and Year 1 gain skills in rhythm, beat and pitch through various songs, games and activities. Our program includes elements of Kodaly and Orff-Shulwerk methodologies and the ‘Music Room’ program, involving students in practical music making experiences and appreciation. Students also begin to develop collaboration and ensemble skills.

Year 2
Students in Year 2 have the unique opportunity to use their musical skills while learning and playing stringed instruments. Students choose between Violin and Cello and are taught by professional string teachers in a class setting for one semester. Students are taught with fun, modern music that they love to play, rehearsing and demonstrating their new skills at several performances. Parents are invited to attend the lessons and learn alongside their children.

Through our instrumental music program, students who would like to continue learning a string instrument may do so the following semester.

All Junior Primary students participate in a Nativity performance at the end of the year.  A highlight of the Junior School Calendar!

Year 3
Students in Year 3 have the unique experience of performing in their own Musical Production. Students sing, dance and act as characters in costume and makeup, with professional sound, lighting and set designs enhancing their production. Students develop their self confidence and ensemble skills along with broadening their musical knowledge. Students also design and produce tickets and posters in Computer lessons, and make many props in their Art lessons. An exciting Cross-Arts experience!


Year 4
Students in Year 4 are taught more of the fundamentals of music in a practical way using tuned and untuned percussion, recorders, guitars and keyboards. Students explore composition, improvisation, solo and ensemble performance in a variety of musical styles.

Year 5
Now that students have a practical understanding of pitch, rhythm, tempo and dynamics, they are given the opportunity to learn a wind instrument at no cost for one semester. They are tested and invited to learn Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet or Trombone. In this program, students learn an instrument in groups of 4 with a skilled instrumental teacher and then come together as a band for their classroom music lesson. Specific instrumental skills are learnt in their small group lessons, whilst ensemble performance and listening skills are developed in the class band setting. Students who would like to continue learning their wind instrument can continue through the school’s Instrumental Music Program.

Students in Year 5 also explore World Music and Songwriting.



Music is a compulsory subject at Years 6 and 7

Year 6
Students in Year 6 learn guitar technique for one semester with a skilled instrumental teacher while continuing or beginning keyboard technique for the other semester, using Music computer programs Picture Board and Sibelius. King’s has an impressive Keyboard Laboratory with 15 keyboards each connected to a computer  where students can listen to and play notes they see on the music stave. Students practise a variety of rhythmic patterns and melodies, reinforcing note reading, whilst learning correct keyboard/guitar fingering for smooth playing. Students who already learn piano and guitar are able to extend their individual skills. Practical and notation skills at each student’s individual level are assessed on both instruments.

Students entering the school at this point don’t need to have any prior music knowledge.

Year 7
Year 7 students at King’s study Musicianship - Aural and Theory, expanding their musical understanding. Practical skills are developed on tuned and untuned percussion instruments - including the drum kit, guitars (bass, acoustic and electric) and keyboards  individually and within a class ensemble, reinforcing musicianship skills. Students also undertake a Song writing module – composing, performing and recording their songs using the music computer notation program Sibelius.

Music is an elective subject at Years 8 and 9

Year 8
Year 8 Music students at King’s study Musicianship - Aural and Theory, incorporating the ‘Don’t Fret’ Theory Books, to extend their understanding of the elements of music. Practical skills are developed further on the instruments of the Rhythm section. Students perform a range of musical styles as a class ensemble.

Year 9

Year 9 Music students at King’s study the history and development of Music from the 1950’s through to the Music of today. Class ensembles perform the music of each era  while studying the society and culture of the times. Musicianship skills - Aural and Theory – continue to be extended. Students must be having either instrument or voice lessons and are introduced to Solo Performance technique.



Year 10

Year 10 Music students at King’s undertake the study of Solo and Ensemble Performance. Students develop technical and expressive skills on their chosen instrument, preparing music of a range of styles for performance. Students gain valuable performance experience in a supportive environment, boosting confidence and technique. The class also performs a range of musical styles together as an ensemble, performing to the school and wider community.  Musicianship studied includes Aural, Composition and Arranging using the computer music program Sibelius.  A Music Technology unit includes introduction to the PA System and the Recording Studio, culminating in a project

Year 11 and 12

Years 11 & 12 students at King’s complete Stage 2 Music under the SACE Board Curriculum Guidelines 

 Each subject is 10 Units towards SACE.

 Across the Two years, students can complete 4 separate 10 unit subjects.


The subjects that are offered at King’s are:-

Solo Performance,

Ensemble Performance

Performance Special Study

Music Individual Study

Music in Context


Composing and Arranging

Music Technology.



Students in Year 5 have the fantastic opportunity to learn and take home a wind instrument (Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet or Trombone) during Semester 1, at no cost. Students have weekly specialist lessons in small groups on their chosen instrument from our Instrumental teachers. Students also participate in class band to learn how to put their new skills into practice.

The Wind Program gives students a ‘hands-on’ approach to music learning. They have a cost-free chance to experience what it is like to learn the instrument they have chosen and participate in all the experiences that learning an instrument has to offer:-  regular weekly lessons, playing in a band, individual practice and of course, a concert.

Instrument learning is most productive when students work towards a goal. Our main goal is the end of semester concert when students perform to parents and friends and our Year 4 cohort. In this concert the students give demonstrations on their instruments, and explain what they have learned. Students perform in small groups and as a whole class ensemble, presenting a variety of musical styles.

At the Program’s conclusion, students gave the opportunity to continue learning their instrument through our Instrumental Music Program.



Recital Nights are evenings where King’s R-13 students perform on their chosen instrument/s. Students who learn an instrument are invited to prepare a solo, duet or group piece for presentation to parents, family and friends. Instrumental teachers are responsible for preparing and often accompanying their students.

Recital Nights are opportunities for students to present pieces worked on in Instrumental lessons and performance practice experiences. Performing can be daunting for many students and our aim is to give students a friendly, supportive avenue to demonstrate their developing skills. Students can perform at any stage of learning from beginner through to the more experienced and confident performer. Recital Nights are held in sub school groupings – R-3, 4-7 and 8 – 12. All instruments are represented from drum kit and piano though to strings, wind and brass instruments and voice. Various school ensembles also perform. An enjoyable and entertaining night.



King’s has a proud tradition of Instrumental Music and Performing groups, providing opportunities for music students to develop their ensemble performance skills. Groups rehearse weekly to develop a varied repertoire, catering for a wide range of capabilities.

Ensembles regularly perform to the King’s and wider community. Performances include:- Arts Evenings and Exhibitions; Recital Nights, Weekly Chapels, Celebration and Awards Evenings, Cabaret Nights, Family Chapel Nights, Open Days, Assemblies, Parent Meetings and many Community events.

Ensembles include:-


Junior Strings

Junior Primary Choir - R-2

Primary Choir - 3-5

God Squad – 3-5

Junior Concert Band – 4-6

Middle and Senior Schools

King’s Shine – vocal group 6-10

Harmony – vocal group 10-12

Concert Band – 7-12

Groove – Stage Band 8-12

Strings Club – 3-12

Percussion Ensemble – 8-12

Guitar Band – 9-12

Chapel Bands – Yr 8, Yr 9, Yr 10, Yr 11/12





Sue Horton
Performing Arts Co-ordinator.
Years 2-5, Middle School Drama,
Production Team

VanDerVlag -
Years R-1 and 6-12
Production Team

Peter Lymberopoulos
Instrumental Music 

2017 Instrumental Application Form

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