The King’s Learning Support Centre

Eligibility Criteria
The purpose of our Centre is to provide support for students who meet the following criteria:
A diagnosed intellectual disability with an IQ of 70-55
An IQ of 70-75 but have other identified, significant and complex learning needs
A severe expressive or receptive language delay.
Please contact the school for a more indepth outline of the eligibility criteria and enrolment process.

Mainstream Inclusion
Students are part of a pastoral group and are also included into mainstream classes and activities, such as sports days, musicals and chapels.
The level of inclusion is determined on an individual basis.

SACE Program
A SACE program is created and delivered in the Centre.
Some of the students also qualify for, and participate in, modified mainstream SACE programs.


Curriculum Focus

Functional Literacy
The functional literacy program aims to extend the students’ literacy skills, and provides opportunities for students to enhance the skills that will be essential for independent living and life after school.

Functional Numeracy
This program allows students to extend their mathematical skills which are vital for independent living. Some of the areas of focus are addition and subtraction, time and time management, calendar use, measurement for daily living and management.

Personal Development
This program assists the students’ understanding and management of the following skills: friendships, relationships, conversation skills, social skills, personal safety and sexuality, health and wellbeing.

Community Access
This program develops life skills needed for post-school. Some of the areas of focus include cooking, transport, education and living in a home. The program runs on a weekly basis.

 Integration Unit  Integration Unit


Workplace Learning
Particular focus of this program is given to researching post-school options and undertaking work experience. Much practice is put into developing skills in creating and maintaining effective relationships in the workplace, self-management and behaviour regulation in the workplace, enhancing performance skills, effective communication and developing an awareness of Workplace Health and Safety.

Enrolment Procedures
Our Centre will be operational from 2017, with the aim of having a purpose-built building sometime around 2019.
Our unit will cater for around 12 students with the initial rollout catering for 6-7 students.
Students from Year 6 onwards, who meet the criteria, can be enrolled in the Centre. The enrolment will include the standard King’s procedures but will also involve two additional interviews and questionnaires. This is to ensure that the purpose of the Centre can best meet the needs of your child.

At King’s we acknowledge that God creates every child and each child deserves quality education, provided in a safe and stimulating environment.
We are committed to delivering programs that maximise the educational, academic, social, physical, vocational and spiritual wellbeing of students; including those with significant levels of disability.
The King’s Learning Support Centre (KLSC) will be a Special Education Facility, which will ensure that enrolled students, meeting the criteria, will be able to access appropriate learning programs that meet their needs and the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

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